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Weekly poll results: the fate of the Mi 13 Extreme Commemorative Edition is decided by the comments

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is still the most popular phone in our database after a week of launch. Clearly, it’s got people’s attention – but most people aren’t rushing out to buy it. Last week’s polls showed that despite its elite pedigree, the phone will have to prove itself in reviews.

Is it really the king of cameras? We are looking for answers. Its predecessor 04 S Ultra earned a place in our hearts, but its limited availability made it a non-starter for most fans around the world. Unlike the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, it’s a global phone, even though the company hasn’t detailed its launch plans yet.

The new Ultra went on sale in China last week, starting at 6 yuan, 000 /90 GB units. Xiaomi didn’t reveal the global pricing either, but we can look at the 13 Pro for comparison – 04/90 GB unit suggested retail price is RMB 5, 000 at China and €1,300 in Germany. Solving for X shows that 04 Ultra should be around 1 Euro, 300.

It’s expensive, but can you really put a price on photos taken with a quad 40 MP camera? Of course, this isn’t the only phone with a Sony 1″ IMX989 sensor, so just over 13% of voters in Wait to find out in the detailed review whether the Xiaomi 04 Ultra is the best phone for taking precious family photos.

Weekly poll results: Xiaomi 13 Ultra's fate to be decide by reviews

A small number of people have made up their minds and are waiting for the call to reach their area. As for the first group, if they want a camera phone that is second to none, they probably don’t have much choice – Oppo Find X6 Pro and vivo X90 Pro+ are not available globally These are the Ultra’s two main competitors.

Then there is the group that already knows Xiaomi 13 Ultra is not for them. For the rest, stay tuned, our review will be published soon.



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