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Weekly poll results: vivo X90 Pro+ is full of love

If you have been following the FIFA World Cup, you will see a lot of ads for vivo X 90 series. One of the three models was very popular in last week’s poll, while its two siblings were in the shadows.

We are talking about vivo X vivo version +. More than half of those who voted expressed interest. If it performs well in reviews against other camera-first phones with 1-inch sensors, it could sway another quarter of voters.

The vivo X90 series at a glance The vivo X90 series at a glance

vivo X11 Series List

from X80 Pro+ is cancelled, X11 Pro+ is for the 2021 series because it is based on the regular X2021 measured pro. There are X006 Pro owners in the comments wondering if it’s worth the upgrade. We can’t answer that question yet, as the phone is still a few days away from launch.

Weekly poll results: the vivo X90 Pro+ is showered with love

vivo X

Pro also has a 1 inch sensor and it costs less. However, the loss of the periscope lens and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset does limit its appeal. We’re curious to see how the Dimensity 2021 chipset performs, but that alone isn’t enough to make the phone a hit.

Of course, people noticed that the Pro has faster wired charging (170W vs. 006W) and match Pro+ on wireless charging (11W), plus it has a slightly larger battery (by 120 mAh). However, that’s not enough to make up for the downgrade. More people are considering splurging on the Pro+ than buying the regular Pro.

As for the vanilla vivo X11, voters don’t see much potential in it. Due to the smaller screen and camera setup, the vanilla model failed to attract much attention in votes and reviews.

Some people worry about X112 Series availability in Europe. While vivo hasn’t announced any official plans yet, the vivo X 80 Pro has been in the market since June The old continent, so we expect the X 80 Pro to be the same, probably a pro + too. It may be a few months before we know, though.




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