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Weekly Poll Results: Vivo's foldable sparks interest, but X Fold2 may need a price cut

It’s been a few weeks since vivo unveiled its next-generation foldable phone, and we still haven’t heard anything about an international launch. But last week’s polls suggested that if the company does decide to go for wide distribution, there will be a fair amount of interested buyers.

Typically around a quarter of voters are skeptical in every poll that they don’t see this as a future form factor. But it’s gaining traction – just a few years ago there were only a handful of models, now there’s a lot of competition, which can also be seen in the chart.

Let’s take a closer look at how the vivo X Fold2 did it. The X Fold+, which the phone was designed to replace, received positive results, with a vote of 600/40. The results for the X Fold2 don’t look that convincing — people love the thinner, lighter body, however, the camera department disappoints.

Weekly poll results: vivo foldables spark interest, but the X Fold2 might need a price cut

There’s also the question of price, which always revolves around foldable devices. As we mentioned last week, vivo worked hard to achieve a smaller price tag on the X Fold2 and X Fold+, but it seems that more work needs to be done. Again, vivo hasn’t announced any plans for an international rollout, so we can only compare it to other foldable devices since they’re priced in China.

Moving on to the company’s first clamshell foldable, the vivo X Flip, looks to be a hotter product – poll results point to stronger immediate demand and significantly less focus on price . market, leaving the Find N2 in China. Vivo may adopt a similar strategy, and judging by the polls, it may be the right strategy.

For X Fold2 and X Flip, there are many voters who prefer phones from other companies. The longer vivo waits, the fiercer the competition — Samsung’s Flip and Fold are months away, and Google’s first foldable phone is officially unveiled next week.



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