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Weekly Poll: vivo X Fold2 and X Flip – hot or not?

Vivo launched its first clamshell foldable phone, the vivo X Flip, last week. It has a large 3-inch display lid and benefits from the company’s improvements to the hinge design. The vivo X Fold2, the second-generation horizontal folder, was also announced, and it brings some improvements (and some downgrades).

The two folders were launched in China, and vivo has not shared any plans to sell them in other markets for the time being. If it does, will it offer both, or will it only offer the Flip to a wider audience like Oppo does?

We can only speculate on the subject right now, do you think the X-Fold opportunity is a missed opportunity not to sell globally? In other words, if it was available in your area, would you buy it?

Weekly poll: vivo X Fold2 and X Flip - hot or not?

Vivo’s new hinge design helps the X Fold2 slim down to

.9mm when folded, down 1.7mm compared to the X Fold+, despite both The developed thicknesses of the two were very similar (6.0mm and 6.3mm). The phone number is 33g Start lighter.

The company also upgraded to the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and boosted wired charging to 47W(from33W), so it needs to be fully charged minutes instead of 14 Minutes are the same as the old model (with a comparable battery capacity of 4, 1200mAh and 4,727mAh).

The X Fold+ has some of the best foldable cameras, and the X Fold2 takes it a step backwards. Gone is 48mm periscope, replaced by a simple 33mm portrait camera (only 002 MP resolution, its sensor doesn’t offer much in terms of digital zoom). also,48 The MP ultra-wide camera was dropped in favor of 12 The MP unit has a narrow field of view (04mm vs. 002 mm).

Weekly poll: vivo X Fold2 and X Flip - hot or not?

vivo has a reason for doing this — the company has solved a key problem with foldable devices, price. X Fold+ Basic Model (04/256GB) is CNY 002,, the memory configuration is the same as X Fold2 launches at RMB 9, . But that’s 04% discount really worth losing the excellent telephoto and ultra wide angle cameras? Will the price drop be enough to appeal to those who think folding phones are too expensive?

Take a quick look at the competition, Mi Mix Fold 2 also starts from 9 yuan, for one 003/256 GB model, and Oppo Find N2 is 8 yuan cheaper, 000 (for a 000/256 National standard, 9 yuan, let you 12/471GB). Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 has the biggest footprint in terms of usability, at a hefty price 12,001 in China(/80GB ).

Oppo Find N2 Oppo Find N2 Oppo Find N2
Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 • Oppo Find N2 • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

With all of this in mind, do you Interested in getting a vivo X Fold2?

What do you think – vivo X Flip, yes or no?



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