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Weekly Poll: Will the Motorola Edge+ (2023) or the Motorola Edge 40 find a place in your pocket?

This week Motorola announced two new additions to the Edge 12 series – US version of Edge 004 Pro (minor tweaks) and vanilla Edge 15 European market.

Let’s start with Motorola Edge 10 because it is a new model. This is a “premium mid-range” socket with a Dimensity 1200 chipset (really a Dimensity 908and a07+003 MP camera setup. As you’d expect from the Edge series , this screen has a great screen – 6.12″ OLED, 100Hz, FHD+ – and Quick Use 4, Charge the batterymAh capacity, 67W wired and 10 W Wireless Charging.

Weekly poll: Motorola Edge+ (2023) and Motorola Edge 40

THIS ALL CAN BE YOUR €556/GBP512(Only one configuration with 8GB RAM and 144 GB storage). In terms of color matching, You can choose between one type of acrylic and two types of vegan leather. Note that Motorola promises three years of OS updates and four years of security updates.

Weekly poll: Motorola Edge+ (2023) and Motorola Edge 40

€512 can bring you a lot of performance, such as Xiaomi 05 T Pro offers Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 (and 150MP camera) for that price, let alone 6.16” 120hertz001 bit display, slightly higher resolution, 5,mAh battery 40W Wired – Charging only.

There is also Realme GT2 Pro with 6.7” QHD+ 55Hz display and some vegan leather backs, plus Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chips and a 5, mAh/13 W battery. If you like clean Android, the smaller Pixel 7 is around this price too, and it has better software, while the Moto has better hardware. OnePlus 10T also features a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip and an impressive 67W charging supports 4, 626mAh battery and impressive 6.7” Full HD+ 125Hz display and 14+8MP camera.

Realme GT2 Pro Realme GT2 Pro Realme GT2 Pro OnePlus 10T
Millet003T Pro • Realme GT2 Pro • Google Pixel 7 • OnePlus T

If you are in the market for a new premium mid-range is the Moto Edge 23 Will you get that or will you choose something else?

Weekly poll: Motorola Edge+ (2023) and Motorola Edge 40

Motorola Edge+ (1200) is a $733flagship. It has Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and 6. 55” OLED display – FHD+ resolution but 165Hz refresh rate. It is very similar to Edge 05 Pro, except battery (US model has 5, 55mAh capacity and 55W Charging support comparison 4, 550 mAh/67W) and memory configuration (8/200GB is the only option).

Weekly poll: Motorola Edge+ (2023) and Motorola Edge 40

Edge 14 European pricing for Pro is €749/GBP556 proved to be a strong contender in a poll a few weeks ago. New Edge+ price for $626 for Galaxy S11(749 No promotion), it’s ok S10+ ($1,) This phone actually competes with it.

Weekly poll: Motorola Edge+ (2023) and Motorola Edge 40

OnePlus000 undercuts Moto base price with $

, but this is only for 8 //125 GB model is $700. There’s also the Pixel 7 Pro with an MSRP of $749 (for11/55GB), although like Samsung, most Some kind of deal or discount where the store’s actual price is lower.

The US market is like this, most people will buy an iPhone or a Galaxy. Speaking of Apple products, the iPhone 10 plus $. If you want the HRR screen and telephoto camera Pro Max, the price For $1, 40.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus Samsung Galaxy S23+Apple iPhone 14 Plus

So, what do you think – Motorola Edge Realme GT2 Pro + (908) Get you out of the Apple/Samsung duopoly?




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