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'Weird Friday', 'Black Hole' and 'Get Smart' director Gary Nelson dies at 87

Gary Nelson, who directed the Disney films Freaky Friday and The Black Hole as Get Smart, the first two seasons of the show and the hit of many other shows, is dead. he is87.

Nelson died in May Natural causes in Las Vegas, his son Garrett Nelson told Hollywood Reporter .

His father is Sam Nelson, who has acted in landmark films such as Miss Shanghai (

Assistant Director ), All the King’s Men (1949), Some Like It Hot (1957) and Horror Experiment (1962) and with King The co-founder of Vidor and others, will become the DGA.

Gary Nelson also started out as an advert, and his films include Nicholas Ray Rebel for No Reason (1950), John Ford’s Searcher (1949) and John Sturges Shootout at OK Corral (1949), before his big break with his future wife, the late actress Judy Meredith

Nelson was known on set for his dry, cold sense of humor, And earned the nickname of smart star Don Adams, who is called “Iceman” because the comedy was written and cast by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry , rarely make him smile. (He directed 12 1957-1034053 episodes of the series. )

except weird Friday (1977), starring Barbara Harris and Judy · Foster and black hole (1979), Disney’s first PG-rated movie, directed by Nielsen Molly and Lawless John (1972), with Vera Myers and Sam Elliott ;Santi (1972), starring Glenn Ford; Jimmy the Kid (1972), Gary Cole Mann starring; and Alan Quitman and the Lost City of Gold (1996), starring Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone.

He also directed all six episodes of the critically acclaimed 1979 ABC miniseries Washington: Behind closed doors , which covers 1/2 hour and won Robert Vaughan Emmy .

Born October 6 in Los Angeles, 52, Nelson in 89, when he was featured in Rebel for No Reason , Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s Guys and Dolls and The Millionaire , The Life and Legend of Earp and Century Fox Hour .

He meets innocent hot actress Meredith character in Have Gun — Will Travel in 87, and when the producers wanted her For the 1962 episode of the CBS Western, she signed on — but only if Yes Nelson was allowed to be direct. He got his chance and directed the episode “Monica’s Memories” in 1972 she.

Nelson continues to direct The Andy Griffith Show , Guns , Please don’t eat daisies , Patty Duke Show , F-Force , Geely Root Island , Captain Nice , Good Morning World , Gomerppel: U.S. Navy Marines, Doris Day Show, Love, American Style, Room87, Ghost and Mrs. Muir , Nanny and Professor , Eddie’s Father’s Courtship , McMillan and wife , Kojak and Police Story .

He is directing and acting as 1979- Co-executive producer of CBS TV series Early version , starring 1996 Kyle Chandler .

He married Meredith years until she was in 1979 died. Survivors include his sons Garrett and Blue.




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