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Welcome emails have the best click-to-open and first-time purchase rates

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Welcome emails and emails triggered by inventory changes have the best Click-to-open and first-time purchase conversion rates, according to a new study.

According to Bluecore’s 2022 Retail Benchmark Report, email campaigns triggered by price drop and return notifications lead to 25% of recipients making their first purchase. Abandoned cart notifications have a 23.9% success rate, and welcome emails have a 23.3% success rate. The least successful (14.9%) were those who searched for a specific or category/product but took no further action.

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This report is based on data from over 35.5 billion events worldwide Data from January 2021 to December 2021 for emails and websites.

  • Abandoned carts and welcome emails also have a maximum RPM of first purchase and conversion prices, respectively $34.82 and $30.82.

    CTR is especially important for email marketing campaigns as it is the strongest indicator of customer engagement and likely purchase. Thanks to the consumer privacy update in iOS15, it is more closely tied to conversion rate and more reliable than Open Rate

    The best CTR for first purchase and conversion is:

      welcome 11.27.

        In stock 10.63.


          Markdown Abandoned Cart 9.0.

        • Why we care: The importance of welcome emails cannot be overstated when it comes to quickly reaching people who haven’t bought from you before. Then can be as effective as abandoned cart emails – and those with the highest purchase rate intent. Clearly, personalization around a shopper’s category preferences or predicting their next purchase is key. The report said price drops were not included in the personalisation, but the figures were from last year – before inflation took a serious hit.


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