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Welcome to Seed Brklyn: A New Concept Store in Brooklyn

Seed Brklyn, a new concept store opened by artist Christophe Roberts, A fusion of fashion, community, culture and art under one roof. Known for his work as a multidisciplinary sculptor, graphic artist and creative visionary, Bahamian-American Roberts intends to “seed” or give back to the community through this new venture.

The three-in-one position is at 173 Brooke Lin BedStuy’s Bedford Avenue houses a coffee shop, two shopping floors and a gallery space that displays digital works on screen. Roberts spent five years developing the concept into a retail destination and a community space that was not historically home to luxury stores. “We’re called Seed because we’re in a land where almost nothing like this exists at this level,” Roberts told Vogue. “So we want to plant a seed that then informs and hopefully inspires other like-minded creative businesses [to grow].”

Photo Greg TraversSeed BrklynPhoto Greg TraversSeed Brklyn


Photo: Greg Travers/Seed Brklyn

First, the hybrid store is geared towards people who live in the predominantly black and brown neighborhoods surrounding the store, as well as young creatives . Once you enter the store, you’ll find a café filled with plants—both real and repurposed from cardboard. In addition to plants, there are collectibles and merchandise from artists who inspired Roberts, including Spike Lee, Ai Wei Wei, Zaha Hadid and Mickelene Thomas.



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