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Welcome to Strada World, a new kind of gallery for emerging talent

This weekend in Manhattan, amid the hustle and bustle of the city The Cool Kids, Strada World has opened a new exhibition while celebrating its one-year anniversary. Just behind the noisy Washington Square Park, the gallery is making its own noise.

Depend onFounded Paul Hill, Strada World is first and foremost a digital arts collective that prioritizes transparency, fair representation and equal opportunity for its emerging and established creative teams. Strada World has ended 30 members of the collective, either artists or collectors. The latest show by about in physical space.

Fresh out of Grinnell College, Hill started his own artistic career selling serigraphs to pay rent in New York. “I realize how much of a disadvantage it is for artists who sell their own art. The only options that are really available are through art dealers or galleries, and the spaces I find myself entering are not spaces designed or built for people like me, nor Not from someone with a similar background to me,” Hill said. “I thought, let’s design a space and a new path for artists to go further in the art world.”

Although based in New York, Strada World is not fixed Address, its first in- Brooklyn People Show 400 and another one last month in Los Angeles. At the entrance to its latest exhibition, Culture II, a sculpted head with painted faces by artist Sydnie Jimenez squinted solemnly across the room, adding a sense of lightheartedness and humor to the ambience. Elsewhere, a set of canvases by Timothy Blair depicting a person operating an electric chair in various parts of the home provides a window into accessibility issues and their representation in art.

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