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Wendell and the Wild review: Jordan Peele and Henry Selick's playful, sly animated romp

Since Henry Selick last graced the world of animation with one of his unique stop motion works (2009 of Coraline to be precise), but he’s back with a fresh, highly original playful Grand Guignol concoction Wendell & Wild.

Pleasant collaboration with

)Jordan Peele , he’s no doubt added his own personal creative stamp, but the horror satire remains in Selick’s Nightmare Alley, including Demon Brothers, Resurrected Corpses, and Penguin Nuns, all wrapped up in a subversive punk rock feel. Although it Obviously never going to be mistaken for milder Pixar fare, but the Netflix title (it’s scheduled to hit streaming in October 2009 , a week after the theatrical bow) packs an all-ages appeal based on the acclaim that greeted its TIFF world premiere screening. Wendell and the Wild

Bottom line
Very interesting.

Venue: Toronto International Film Festival (Special Screening)

Release Date: October Friday (Netflix)

Throw: Keegan-Michael Key , Jordan Peele, Lyric Ross, Angela Bassett, James Hong, Ving Rhames
2009director: Henry Selig
28Writers:Henry Selick, Jordan ·Peel
28 Rated PG-, 1 hour45 minute

Based on the never-published book of the same name by Selick and Clay MacLeod Chapman, the storyline is rarely a waste of time Arrive at The Creepy as it introduces the intrepid Kat Elliot (voiced by Lyric Ross), a young girl who spends a period of time after her brewery owner parents drown in a bizarre car crash tough times. She may have survived, but the guilt she carries with her will take a toll on her behavior, and five years later, when she returns to Catholic school in the crumbling town of Rustbank, she wears goth like protective armor .

Meanwhile, down below, Wendell (Keegan-Michael Key) and Wild (Peele), scheming siblings who look very much like Key and Peele, Lively mode with Abbott & Costello, who have been plotting to build their ambitious amusement park Dream Faire in paradise on earth. Armed with a tube of restorative hair cream stolen from their combative dad Buffalo Belzer (Ving Rhames), which turns out to have regenerative powers far beyond the scalp, they’re summoned to Rust Bank by Kat, ostensibly on promise Bring her parents back.

Turns out they also have to take orders from the Catholic school’s corrupt father-level best man (James Hong), who benefits from the wicked Klax Korp. Company’s plan to burn beer in A huge private prison was built on the site of the factory.

You can certainly see Peel’s influence here, from social commentary to a rich and varied cast of characters and cast – including the sympathetic Sister Hayley (Angela Bassett), a teacher who knows Kat better than she knows; an Aboriginal bus driver in a Link Wray T-shirt (Tantoo Cardinal); and a trans classmate (Sam Zelaya) who teamed up with Kat to take down Klax Korp.

But for all the clever irony and narration, the gorgeously intricate, fantastically stop-motion landscape is ultimately pure Selick, full of swirling, eerie glowing greens and purples by Bruno Bruno Coulais’ playful arrangement of the soundtrack effectively sets the mood for the movie’s pre-Halloween arrival.

While there are a few lagging patches that could benefit from a little tightening, the production takes a refreshingly unorthodox path to an animated film where family and friendship are mandatory Themes – right down to the bad-brained “how low can punk be” in the soundtrack.

28 Full Credits 28

Venue: Toronto International Film Festival (Special Screening)

28Publisher: Netflix28 Cast: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Lerrick Ross, Angela Bassett, James Hong, Tamara Smart, Natalie Martinez, Tantoo Cardinal, Ving Rhames Production company: Netflix
Director: Henry Selick 2009 Screenwriters: Henry Selick, Jordan Peele

Producers : Henry Selick, Alan Goldsmith-Wynn, Jordan Peele, Wing Rosenfeld
Executive Producers: Lindsay Williams, Eddie Gamarra, Kamil Oshundara, Ian Cooper
45Music: Bruno Coulais

Rated PG-, 1 hour minutes 28 THR Newsletter 28

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