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'Westworld' Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: 'Metanoia'

The penultimate episode of Westworld Season 4 aired on Sunday, setting the stage for next week’s finale. It ends with a surprising twist—this time involving Christina—our brunette Dolores looks alike, but the story takes another twist.

In other news, the season’s big bad, Charlotte, has been replaced by her second-in-command. Let’s take a look at what else happened in Episode 7, including who’s still on either side as we head into the finale.

Gateway to the Sublime

This episode goes from Bernard and Mavra to us in episode 1 Saw the futuristic Hoover Dam facility started – a facility William acquired with the help of our first, unnamed fly victim of the season. But in the end, the show reveals that we’re actually somewhere else…in the sublime. When Bernard meets Akecheta in episode 3 of “The Sublime” , he looks at these events before they happen (or it’s as many as he thinks could happen) One of the paths, I guess) .

Bernard revealed to Maeve – a version of her that he had raised – that they were looking for The Sublime’s “Hydroelectric Server Farm”. (Also known as The Valley Beyond, The Sublime is a digital plane of existence that we see in season 2 as a bunch of Westworld hosts enter, leaving their bodies behind. Maeve’s daughter is one of them.) In season 2 , Dolores sent The Sublime – – and those who were inside – somewhere out of reach. Turns out, it’s here. Bernard opened the door with the key he had.

Bernard tells Maeve that he has traveled every possible path and the result is always the same: both the host and the human are extinct. He told her that they could escape this fate by uploading themselves to The Sublime. Maeve accepts his offer, and Bernard asks her if she would really say that, or if it’s just his impression of her.

These events are then pretty much repeated in the real world (with some added on-screen action involving a big red robot). Bernard and Maeve arrive at the facility, Bernard again reveals that it holds The Sublime and opens the door with his key. But he didn’t tell Maeve the truth about their ill-fated mission. Instead, he says “If we get to her tower, we can save them and ourselves.”

Charlotte is closing the city

Next, we monitor Chalores, the moderator William, and the moderator version of Caleb. Like the last version of Caleb who snapped his neck so unkindly last week, this one knows his daughter Frankie is still alive. Charlotte Hale is a nickname for Charlotte Hale. In the past, Dolores duplicated herself—the “self” that existed in her pearls—and copied one into the console version of Hale.

Tessa Thompson.

Charlotte looks incredible in this episode (and has the entire season).

John Johnson/HBO

Chalores asks William to give them some time, and then she reveals to Caleb that she is closing “City”. (Does that mean more than we’ve seen?) She plans to put humans in cold storage to reflect how their masters in the Western world are treated. She leaves Caleb in his custody and tells a surprised William that she calls the human world quit because of a host/outlier issue . “If I don’t do it today, tomorrow we’ll have fewer people,” she said.

Already stressed host William is not happy with the news. Later, we see him visit the human William again. In a long and icy speech, the human William told his master clone that “culture can’t survive, cockroaches can.” He told his host that if he could, he would pull the plug on the whole world. “Only one of us needs to do what has to be done,” he told the host. The host William said he understood and then stabbed him.

‘ Dolores. Please. ‘

In this episode, Teddy confirms what many suspected from the start : Christina is Dolores. But then the show added a new mystery: The version of Christina/Dolores we see in Hale’s New World this season doesn’t actually appear. I’m still trying to figure this out.

“Christina Equals Dolores” was revealed relatively early in the episode. Teddy told Christina that he and she were “a reflection of the people who created us”. Then he called her Dolores. At this point, I still think she’s the Dolores robot from last season, with a memory-erasing mind thanks to the Rehoboam machine . After learning from Teddy that her kind was less prone to death, she got into the bathtub, drowned and regained consciousness immediately.

Later, Christina visits Olympic Entertainment, where she uses her storytelling abilities to get human writers to destroy their “stories” (taking what we’ve learned from past episodes Put together, I’m pretty sure these stories are “pre-programmed loops” that humanity is traveling). We see Christina and Teddy hanging out at the Olympics at the same time as Stubbs and Frankie. Christina and Teddy walk through a doorway, and then we see Stubbs and Frankie emerge from the same doorway a second later. Strange. Shouldn’t good people bump into each other?

Towards the end of the episode, there is chaos outside (more on that later) and Christina/Dolores tries to intervene. Teddy told Christina that people couldn’t see her. Christina asked why, and he reluctantly gave up: “You’re not in this world,” he said, “it’s true, but you’re not.”

Caleb Reunited with Frankie

After Maeve and Bernard reunite with C/Frankie, C’s girlfriend Odina and Stubbs at an abandoned 1920s theme park, the squad prepares to enter the city of Chalores.

Once there, they part ways – Odina grabs a boat, Bernard and Maeve set off to confront Charlotte in her tower, Frankie and St. Tubbs goes to Caleb for the Olympiad. Bernard revealed to Stubbs that Stubbs would not make it.

Aurora Perrineau and Luke Hemsworth

Aurora Perrineau (Frankie) and Luke Hemsworth (Stubbs ).

John Johnson/HBO

      Thanks to Christina/Dolores’ intervention, Caleb managed to get his cell before Stubbs and C/Frankie arrived. Once they did, a traumatized Caleb ambushed them, locked Stubbs in the confined space, and pinned Frankie to the wall. But Caleb soon realizes that she is his biological daughter, and the reunion is sweet. The long-awaited scene did not disappoint.

      Maeve vs. Charolais

      We start from episode 5 Knowing from the start that Charlotte’s plan for her kind is for them to eventually “transcend” – accept a program in which they renounce the host’s body, as she says in the episode, “to evolve into what we are destined to do. The species to become.” Their pearls (that is, their minds) were removed from their heads and placed on top of tall white machines. In the latest episode, she sent the host a message that it was time to ditch their current body forever.

      Maeve and Bernard approach Charlotte in her tower and they break up. But before they did, Bernard admitted to Maeve what he had been hiding from her — “No matter what we do, we’re not going to win,” he said. “There’s no way to save the world. Everyone here is going to die. But we can save a small part of it.” He asked Maeve if she was still willing to fight, and she gave him a small smile before continuing.

      Maeve finds out that Chalores is about to overtake – a drone host holding a whirring device near her head. Chalores grabs the device, she and Maeve decisive battle. They tumbled outside and continued to fight in the shallow water. Maeve was then shot in the head by host William. Next, the host turned on his creator, said just a few words, and then shot Chalores in the head.

      We see Bernard, he’s on the tower in Chalores, and he’s recording himself talking like a tablet. He mumbled, “If you choose to give her this option, you can’t miss it. Reach for it with your left hand.” By the end of the episode, we still don’t know who the message was for.

      Host William arrives and shoots Bernard in the head. He also remodeled Charlotte’s Sound Tower, resulting in “every man, woman and child – master and human – fighting until no one is left but the cockroaches.” Since humans are controlled by sound , then he must have ordered humans to turn on the host.

      Who’s Still Standing

      The show centers around Frankie, Stubbs, and Caleb, we watch The people around them began to fight each other fiercely. The three of them managed to escape the frenzy, but the bullet hit Frankie.

      On the other side of the fight, as we get to the end, host William is pretty much our new big bad guy.

      Swing The problem that doesn’t go away

          In last week’s episode, Frankie found out that Bernard was trying to imitate her and her friends using the technology Chalores put in a 20’s theme park . (He didn’t deny…or explain why.) This, combined with the fact that The Sublime’s doors are open, got me thinking – replicas of some humans (maybe those who visited the park), Somehow going to end up in the sublime?

            How is Teddy coming back this season? At first, I thought he must be a Charolais-created host like William. But now it seems that he may not exist in Charlotte’s new world either.

              Where is roommate Maya? Tessa Thompson.

                Is Bernard really gone? It seems like no one can actually die on this show, but Bernard’s exit seems more final than Maeve’s. We see him following his son Charlie through a door. We also hear his voice repeating what he said to Akecheta in Sublime: “In every scene, I’m going to die…” It seems like he’s making a The real sacrificed by executing the plan.

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