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'Westworld' Team Designs Season 4's New Drones and Assembles Aaron Pauls' Army

[This story contains Westworld on HBO Season 4. ]

When HBO’s Westworld revealing its huge mid-season turn – Aaron Paul’s Caleb has become host – and it brings the brain series closer to answering its longest question: what does something human?

The special effects team for this series is not only helping Westworld throughout the show There’s a visual exploration during the run, but several of its main heroes and villains confront it as hosts, while introducing a new series of drones that Hale imagined in season four.

Thematic exploration with Caleb takes place in the sixth episode of the season, “Fidelity,” where the host’s version #250 After Hale tries to isolate what makes Caleb’s human consciousness resistant to her mind control, she tries to Burst out of her glass cage technique. Along the way, Caleb encounters a series of horrific discoveries: Versions of his past, in various forms, all attempt to escape brutal outcomes in the same way.

“That episode was maddening,” Jason Collins, Westworld ‘s special makeup effects designer season four told The Hollywood Reporter . “Anytime you shoot a person as a group of people, you have to find a group of people who are about his age and his build, and put wigs on them – and make up on them too, because you never know if you’re going to catch them or not. One side sees them – then hurry up and put the same makeup on Aaron and shoot him in the opposite direction. It’s very time consuming.”

Special Effects Makeup Designer Lead Jennifer Aspinall, Aaron Paul and Caleb double on the set of Westworld Season 4.
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“Caleb has a scene with four doubles, three of them with wigs and one with Aaron’s hair texture , so we cut his hair to match Caleb,” head of hair Jose Zamora told THR in episode six how his department served many Calebs contribute to the season. “As [Special Makeup Effects Makeup Designer Leads] Jennifer [Aspinall] and Jason broke Caleb, we followed their lead to match whatever stage Caleb was in. It was a very collaborative show.”

While makeup supervisor Elisa Marsh, like Zamora, has played a major role in shaping individual hosts and human appearance Westworld Season 4 – John Damiani in charge of Paul’s grooming, beard matching and scar application – she credits Caleb for most of the credit to her fellow special effects team.

“When we first met him and had a premonition that he was first generation, he was perfect,” Marsh said. “Then when he tried to escape, he degenerated, and that’s one of the things that special effects do brilliantly. But he’s in such a small window and his hair doesn’t grow because now he’s a human and not Master.”

The specificity of the timeline means that the team must define each stage of the master’s physical deterioration. To do so, they drew on an existing example in the universe and learned that each Caleb has a lifespan of approximately ” – odd days,” Collins said.

“We had a reference to close as Caleb started deconstructing, and that was in season two. There was a character named James Delos who found himself Humans [and] now drones,” Collins explained. “You start to see that guy’s little tick. He’s scratching his skin and pulling his skin out — self-destructing. It starts on the inside, and it goes out. So we took inspiration from that character.”

His own work on the series is supported by Aspinall, who helps him navigate Westworld schedule and insist on the continuity of Caleb’s deterioration.

“I’ve been a fan since season 1, I’ve watched every episode, but there’s almost no intricacies and all these highways, and- trying to understand how They built the world of Westworld – sometimes I can’t see the tiny details,” Collins said. “But Jane was there from season one, and he’d be like, ‘Oh, yeah. I think that’s it. And then we’d go back and watch an episode of season two and say, ‘Ah, that’s it.'”


Thirty years laterWestworld Character Hector Escaton in Season 4 Polite subjects 2022

“There are A lot of self-referencing,” he added. “Shows like this are very organized.”

While creating multiple Aaron Paul looks for season four may be one of the things the makeup effects team presented to the HBO show’s latest season A more difficult task, they are also part of the effort to deliver Hale’s new drone. Their design was inspired by a drawing provided to the team by producer Lisa Joy of lilies and high-end automotive technology.

“Lisa Joy came to us one time and said I wanted an evolved drone that would enter Hale’s world. We initially It’s not clear what they’re going to be used for or what they’re going to do. But she has a picture of a painting she likes, which is this elongated figure,” Aspinwall told THR.

She and Collins embraced this and began “studying everything from high-end car designs to plants and cutting-edge 3D-printed robotic limbs” — that kind of thing, special Makeup Effects Makeup designers say that would be a balance of breakthrough technology and organic solidity appropriate for Hale’s world.

2021 Tessa ThompsonWestworld Season 4 John Johnson/HBO 2022

“We are in this piece with lily Inspiration was found in the wonderful illustrations of 3D printed images of flowers,” she added. “The shape of the lily became the head, and the body was based on a high-end car design. We turned it into a very sleek looking body with the same legs that Lisa Joy had in her painting.”

Hale’s view of the body goes beyond idealized concepts and the corresponding biological limitations of certain human bodies. The results seem to show little difference—perhaps a denunciation of the diversity of human identities—but also contain different character types, looking for it in human society, which can sometimes resemble a disabled body.

“Hale is driving this AI rebellion and hates her mortal, human shell, so she’s creating something called ascension where you don’t have to have A human body,” Collins said. “You can go to bigger, better, more efficient places.”

Westworld Season 4 is available on HBO Max.



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