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What 14 Fashion Insiders Are Wearing to New York Fashion Week

Every season, New York Fashion Week’s vibrant street style scene—often documented by the expert eye of Vogue photographer Phil Oh—acts as a preview of fashion’s biggest up-and-coming trends. Buyers, editors, stylists, writers, and more all hit the streets of the Big Apple to take in the new shows. And when they do, their outfits often incorporate some of the freshest, coolest new pieces on the scene. Last season, for instance, everyone was spotted wearing the neon-bright Martine Rose x Nike sneakers—a wonderfully quirky shoe collab.

With the fall 2024 shows officially kicking off on Friday, consider this week’s show attendees the perfect individuals to draw fashion inspiration from; Their outfits basically predict what’s next in fashion. In honor, Vogue reached out and asked some of them to share what they’ll be wearing this season. Trending staples ranged from luxe Bottega Veneta bags and Miu Miu boots, to more unexpected pieces like Baby Phat gloves (Y2K style isn’t dead yet!), and cozy Collina Strada sweatpants.

Below, dive into what 13 fashion insiders will be wearing to NYFW.

Fashion Market and Editorial Director, Neiman Marcus 

The best part about getting dressed for February fashion shows is the opportunity to really experiment with layering. I plan to play around with Kule stripes, Zankov knits, and men’s ties non-stop this season.


I’m going simple and easy: A leather jacket that I can make suffocatingly Galliano-for-Margiela-style tight, and a pair of Baby Phat gloves. 


Honestly, my black Telfar puff pants, because it’s cold and they are a working girl’s best friend. It keeps me cozy but fashionable!

Fashion Office Coordinator, Saks Fifth Avenue 

One of my latest obsessions has been peacoats. For the past few weeks, I have been gravitating towards this style of outerwear, and I imagine it will be my go-to style during NYFW. I will most likely wear my vintage peacoat, but I have also been eyeing this Tory Burch peacoat with a faux fur collar. I think the collar adds something special to this traditional silhouette. I also plan on wearing red nonstop. For me, red is not just a passing trend—it is transitioning into a wardrobe staple. I’ve even declared to a few people that red is my new neutral! You will likely see me wearing a red cardigan styled in a myriad of ways: draped like a scarf, worn as a hood, or even transformed into a sarong. The possibilities are truly endless!



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