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What are the spring 2023 jewelry trends?see what worked

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It’s been since we saw the collections on the runway and started figuring out this spring season It’s been four full months since the jewelry trend was in its infancy. As the weather warms up, the merchandise we’re seeing is finally hitting shelves.

Jewelry trends are an anomaly in that they are partly determined by the runway and partly by a number of organic and consumer factors (the latter to be covered in detail another day). We focus on all of these and, for the sake of this story, are synthesizing jewelry trends that come naturally from the runway but are informed and shoppable in fine jewelry and fashion jewelry.

And, while the wind in New York is always so light as I write this, we can collectively think of the warmth and happy sunshine that spring always brings – Let’s not forget fashion! Perhaps your new coat purchase will be enlivened by long, thin earrings; a breezy, flowy dress paired with this season’s pearl necklace; your inevitable envy (or acquisition) of a Bottega Veneta Sardine bag is fully expressed in a pair of gold bracelets the back of. you understood.

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Bloom-Filled Bijoux

From left to right: Chanel, Isidore Montag; Schiaparelli, Filippo Fio ; Simone Rocha, Armando Grillo.




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