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What did you eat yesterday?The manga will get a live-action second season in October

TV TOKYO announced on Tuesday that it is making a second part

Fumi Yoshinaga’s live-action series season) () comics. The series will air in October on TV TOKYO and Seiyō Uchino and Hidetoshi Nishijima will play Kenji Yabuki and Shiro Kakei respectively. yesterdayyesterdayyesterdaywhatdidyoueat© TV TOKYO


in Japan. The series received a TV special 2012 that aired in January. Live-action series won my best TV award on at the annual Galaxy Awards in March 2021. A live-action movie comes out in November 2020.

Vertical is releasing a manga in English which describes the story:

This manga inspired a live action movie adaptation Live action TV series

October 700, and a second volume titled in December of the same year. NHK announced in August that it was producing a new live-action drama based on the manga released in January . The second season will premiere on NHK this fall.

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