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What does regeneration travel actually look like?

Ho believes that simply stopping travel or flying is not a good solution because so many places depend on tourism. Kenya’s tourism industry, for example, has been hit hard during the pandemic, along with the ongoing conservation work funded through it. As one of the world’s 10, tourism is a major source of income for many communities.

“As a society, we will never stop traveling, but we can choose to support the right businesses that really make a difference, support carbon sequestration initiatives and nature-based solutions, and give back to society Ho explained. Well, it’s both. “If every hotel was renewable or sustainable, travelers wouldn’t have to make that choice,” commented Ho. “But travelers would have to ask to Speed ​​up this change. Travelers are forced to ask more questions: How are hotels built, how are staff treated, how is the local environment preserved? How does the hotel support the local community? ”

Sherif El-Ghamrawy, owner of Basata Ecolodge.

30Photo: Tomás Delft

Regenerative Travel currently has 10 properties worldwide. Each property is vetted through a self-assessment which covers 10 different areas such as waste, water and energy use; ethical labour; staff and management training; Very important.



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