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What, Exactly, Does Kim Kardashian’s $2.5K Health Scan Involve?

Kim Kardashian wants to interrupt your feed to remind you to get your health checked. A marked departure from her usual red carpet looks and sensational selfies, the star took to Instagram to share a picture of herself in navy scrubs as she underwent a full-body Prenuvo scan.

“I recently did this @prenuvo scan and had to tell you all about this life-saving machine,” she wrote in the caption. “The Prenuvo full-body scan has the ability to detect cancer and diseases such as aneurysms in its earliest stages, before symptoms arise. It was like getting an MRI for an hour with no radiation.”

No stranger to a bit of #sponcon, Kim was quick to highlight that this was in fact not an advert, but rather a gesture of goodwill, stemming from a desire to spread awareness about the machine’s efficacy. “It has really saved some of my friends lives and I just wanted to share #NotAnAd,” she wrote.

So, what exactly does one of these scans entail for just over $2,500 a pop?

According to the brand’s website, the Prenuvo scan was developed as an alternative to diagnostic MRI scans, which, it claims, can be slow to detect whether someone has a life-threatening disease, with a slow diagnosis leading to poor health outcomes for many diagnosed conditions. Of course, in most cases, people will only be getting an MRI scan once a health concern has already arisen, whereas Prenuvo and its ilk are touting a paid-for, proactive approach.

Prenuvo claims it can help identify over 500 common and rare conditions, including multiple types of cancer, by using cutting-edge anatomical and functional imaging sequences, and an approach called multiparametric imaging. “What is distinctive about Prenuvo is our ability to acquire these protocols in a single sitting across the entire body,” says their website. “In effect, we are applying the principles of nuclear imaging and applying them in the context of radiology.” Scans can be targeted to the head, torso, or the entire body for a full health MOT in just under an hour.



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