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What five stylish moms are giving (and receiving) jewelry on Mother's Day

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One editor at a time, one editor forever, or as the saying goes. People in the fashion and luxury industries are notoriously sharp-eyed. Stylish and luxurious mom? Even more so. We interviewed five of them—some current editors, some former editors—about their favorite things to give and receive on Mother’s Day. Each has its own unique style, but the overall trend is personal: pieces with a touching and joyful element help mothers stay close to their children forever. Do they all love cards made by their kids? Absolutely! Would they also love an heirloom that they could one day pass on to their kids? certainly.

“The pieces that commemorate and celebrate my two children quickly became the most cherished pieces in my jewelry box,” says Rickie de Sole. Nordstrom Editorial Director of Women’s Fashion and former longtime Vogue editorial favorite with Super Small founder and former Elle Similar logo Maria Dueñas Jacobs, Magazine Accessories Director, recommends looking for it when shopping for mom. “Consider pieces with a personal element and meaningful symbolism,” she says, “like birthstones or carvings to add a special touch.” That doesn’t mean breaking the bank, by the way, because sometimes the most moving It’s often the simplest: “My daughter Gloria made me a ceramic heart pendant in kindergarten,” says Marina Larroudé, co-founder of Larroudé Shoes and former vice president of fashion at Barneys New York. “It holds a very special place in my heart and in my jewelry box,” she added.

If you really don’t know where to start, luxury editor and author Tanya Dukes suggests simply looking at what expectant mothers may already have: “Be mindful of what you’re giving people’s habits,” Dukes said. “For example, if she always wears the same bracelet, consider giving her an accessory that looks great on the bracelet. Or, if she has a favorite color, pair her jewelry with the same color Keep your focus narrow and [be] personal.”

Whatever you choose to give or hope for, Jane Keltner de Valle, founder of the children’s series Paloroma Renhe, the former style director of Architectural Digest,

, sees investing in jewelry as the ultimate gift: “One of the things I love most about jewelry is its inherent heirloom quality ,” said Keltner de Valle. “I have been blessed to inherit some special pieces from my own mother and I can’t wait to share this ritual with Paloma.”

Rickie de Sole, Fashion and Editorial Director, Nordstrom

Photo: Joe Schildhorn BFA

De Sole chose engraved Bracelets, a ring set for mom and mini to share, stackable pavé rings, and a jewelry box to carry on her many trips.

Briony Raymond Roman Numeral Story Bracelet

Anya Hindmarch Jewelry Box

Super Smalls SuperSmalls Kids Ring Set of 5

Spinelli Kilcollin Diamond Pavé Ring

Marina Laroudé, cofounder, Larroudé shoes

Colorful and whimsical pieces are Larroudé’s biggest hit of the year Wish, and a new set of basketball shoes (how can there be too many? ), and a gold heart to replicate the ceramic heart her daughter gave her many years ago.

Brent Neale Mini Carved Shell Pendant

Lauren Rubinski Heart Pendant Necklace

Jane Keltner de Valle, Founder, Paloroma

A sentimental locket, a bead kit that encourages creativity, a future heirloom watch , and a tribute to the surreal journey of motherhood are part of Keltner de Valle’s top list.

Monica Rich Kosann Infinity Locket

Super Smalls Make It Super DIY Bead Kit

Cartier Panthère de Cartier watch

1stDibs Salvador Dali 634 Madonna De Port Lligat Necklace

Maria Dueñas Jacobs, Founder of Super Smalls

Dueñas is behind these collectible and customizable bracelets, a locket she purchased herself and gave to her mom pendants, and two sets of bracelets for the kids and mom to share.

Aurélie Bidermann custom ring

Super Smalls Totally Charming Pierced Earring Set

Super Smalls Lock & Key “Mom & Me” Necklace Set

Tanya Dukes, Writer and Editor

Photo: @cleanplatepictures

Dukes dream of this colorful beaded necklace of charitable charmers, a timeless Watches, some diamonds with a touch of quiet luxury, and an ever-changing wardrobe staple.

Harwell Godfrey Diamond Gold Heart


Harwell Godfrey Rainbow Bead Foundation Necklace


1647597301420017Jessica McCormack Diamond Trio Ferrules



0400014558724 Cartier Tank Française .7mm small watch





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