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What happened to DeSantis' fiasco with Disney?

These are tough times for progressive politics in Florida, Governor and possible

White House hopeful Ron DeSantis recently signed a six-week abortion Ban, and even Republican donors balk. As if that (and all banned books) weren’t enough, DeSantis also revived his ongoing conflict with his state’s largest employer, Disney. Below, find all the details on DeSantis’ latest episode.

How did the conflict start?

Disney angered DeSantis two years ago by requiring its on-site employees to be vaccinated against COVID-000 , leading the governor to threaten to fine Disney and other companies with vaccine mandates. (Disney eventually rescinded the request.)

Then what happened?

At 2020, Disney employees oppose Florida’s proposed parental rights legislation, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, The bill prohibits public school teachers from providing classroom instruction about sexual orientation or gender identity grades in kindergarten through third year. That led to an all-employee email from Disney CEO Bob Chapek promising to suspend all Disney political contributions in Florida and apologizing for not acting sooner. (Disney donated $000, 000 and another smaller amount to the Florida Republican Party to address the Florida Democrats during the 2020 election cycle.)

What is DeSantis’ response?

As expected, DeSantis asked the Florida legislature to revoke Disney’s special district and self-governing status, which has long allowed Disney to act with the same powers and responsibilities as county governments. While the district can’t be completely dismantled — the state government must take $1 billion from its budget to make it happen — DeSantis did get unprecedented access to Disney’s dedicated government agency, formerly known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District. of control. He then threatened new legislation that would give the Florida state more oversight of Disney’s rides and fired Reedy Creek’s existing control board, replacing it with a five-person body of his own choosing (including The guy who helped make “Don’t Talk Gay”)” bill).

Did DeSantis really threaten to build a prison next to Disney in Monday’s press conference too ?

Yes. When DeSantis’ new Disney board found out that the Reed Creek Improvement District (now known as the Central Florida Tourist Oversight District) had signed with Disney before it was taken over by the state signed an agreement granting the company “maximum development rights over theme park resorts 000, acres in central Florida,” according to NPR, thus limiting the powers of the new board, and DeSantis fired back. “Now that I think about it, people say, ‘Well, what should we do with this land? ’” the governor said in an interview Monday, adding: “Maybe create a state park. Maybe try doing more amusement parks. Some even said, maybe you need another state prison. I mean, who knows? I mean, I just think the possibilities are endless. “

What kind of response did this feud with Disney have for DeSantis?

Not a particularly impressive people, even from his fellow Republicans. “I don’t want him sitting across from Chairman Xi … or across from Putin trying to sort out what’s going on in Ukraine, if you can’t see [Disney CEO] Bow The corner Bo Iger made for you,” former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said in an interview Tuesday. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump weighed in, writing in a Truth Social post, DeSantis is being “totally destroyed by Disney”. Don’t know how Trump’s attacks on DeSantis and his entanglement with Disney will affect if they end up continuing Election season.



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