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What is a Data Sharing Tool?

Data sharing tool is an application that lets you share the same set of data between several applications and users. This can help increase productivity and improve decision making across your entire organization. It can also be used to encourage innovation and break down barriers between departments.

Data-sharing software gives you one source of data from many sources, including enterprise systems and IoT signals, which can be as diverse as visitors behaviour or sensors inside power plants. Data-sharing software allows you to securely, logically and accurately share live data with internal business units as well as external partners of the company to cut expenses and deliver better customer experiences.

The biggest obstacle in sharing data is the increasing volume of data. Moving datasets from one blackbox to the next is an expensive process for internal data sharing. Data governance and maintaining data quality are a major issue.

The best data-sharing software should offer a flexible and effective way to move data between different locations without the need for ETL operations. It should also offer a rich set metadata to assist you in understanding the meaning of every dataset. It should also have an encrypted and secure transmission protocol that uses persistent identifiers to ensure the data you send can be easily tracked and later retrieved. In addition, it should allow you to keep track of the data is connected in the future and let you manage permissions as required.



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