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What is Anna Delvey reading now?we're glad you asked

Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, spent a lot of time writing during her nearly four-year sentence for grand larceny. Now out of prison but under house arrest, she is working to compile her many drafts, diaries and notes into a book. In the most recent episode of The Run Through.

except in print Subscribe to various international editions of Wall Street Journal and Fashion, where Delvey presents on the floor Two stacks of books, not shelves. She is an avid reader, though she says it is easier to find time to read in prison, where she can better “manage and control my distractions”.

Delvey at Photo with her fridge (and some of her books) at home in New York. Photo: Chloe Maller

Many books are gifts, Delvey notes , including Trick Mirror

, a collection of essays by Jia Tolentino, which mentions Delvey. She’s currently reading Nina Totenberg’s Dinners with Ruth, about the NPR reporter’s friendship with the notorious RBG, and Any Given Tuesday, Political Memoirs by Lis Smith.

Other anthologies offer crash courses on money, power, and metamorphosis, from biographies of key figures such as Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs, and Elon Horse Sik reads books on poker and chess strategy, as well as several books by Michael Lewis. (“I like Michael Lewis. I’m jealous he’s writing about SBF”)

Not to mention grotesque headlines like Jane Mayer Black Money and James B. Stewart’s insider trading thriller Den of Thieves . “I find financial crime interesting because it’s often a reflection of the legal system. Like, what kind of rules are being enforced,” Delvey explained. “I think reading is fun for me because I’m in the system myself. I’ve never really paid attention to any violent crime stories. It just sort of, like, bores me.”

Browse Anna Delvey’s bookshelf below.

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9780684830506 Any Tuesday: A Political Love Story



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