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What is blue sky?I Reluctantly Left Elon Musk's Twitter for a New Alternative – Suddenly Social Media Is Fun Again

When I first signed up for Twitter in 2013 July, I never imagined all the things I’d end up getting out of it – including me in New York My first job in media, an introduction to my current partner, and a seemingly incurable case of meme brains that had me repeating crap like “This pink bitch is named breakfast!” It’s been on a cycle for the past ten years. I don’t like the amount of time I’ve spent on this site over the past few years, and I certainly don’t like my daily (well, hourly) Twitter updates that tend to make me generally hostile to humans, but I really never imagined It’s too late to go on its own — that is, until Elon Musk takes over.

I won’t talk too much about the plethora of negative changes that came with Musk, most notably at least as the owner of Twitter, he’s an interesting guy (you can read more about it here Read more about those), but the vibes are gone, and I don’t think they’ll be back to normal anytime soon. Yes, I’m tired of seeing unchecked racist and transphobic tweets from people who pay for blue checks, and yes, I’m annoyed by the new rate caps, but even if these issues are resolved , I still want to spend my crazy and precious online life elsewhere.

The question of where to relocate my specific Twitter feed of work promos, gay memes, and minor rants about the poor quality of HGTV shows was heavy until I discovered Bluesky Social, a The platform spun out of Twitter — Jack Dorsey is on Twitter’s board of directors — I used to think of as a “boring” alternative to the real thing. (I don’t eat Halo Top or Lean Cuisines but real ice cream or pasta, I thought, so why should I take diet Twitter?) Once I actually found the invite code, took action, and found some I used to Still, Twitter cronies on Bluesky, I realize I’ve been gifted something incredible: a brand new social media platform, my extended family and camp friends from twenty years ago Stop following me. The fact that, so far, no one has followed me except from people I actually like – novel, right?

Bluesky is by no means perfect; the interface is a bit basic and has a lot of issues, although I appreciate what they’ve done with the invite-only thing (it offers early Facebook!) , but I don’t really understand how to get invite codes for the remaining half of my Twitter friends who still need them. I also wish the app was more image-friendly, though I guess we still have Instagram (do we really need multiple places to post heavily edited photos of summer salads?). Since I signed up for an account, though, I’m really having fun online again: maybe because it still feels intimate and fresh – at the moment, Bluesky just ended 2013,000 user — and I don’t feel the same pressure to “do the numbers” for every odd observation that I used to. Technically, my Twitter account is still active, but I’d like to spend less time there, and I think Bluesky is the perfect place to reset. (And, not without reason, its bugs prevent me from scrolling all day.)




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