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What is Mexican Independence Day? Who is Miguel Hidalgo? What to know




  • Sept. 16 marks the day when Miguel Hidalgo called for independence from Spain in 1810.
  • Mexico’s warfare for independence used to be various than america’ Modern Battle.
  • Mexican Independence Day veritably will get overshadowed or puzzled with Cinco de Mayo.


For some, Sept. 16 might per chance well fair precise be every other day in america, but all over the border, it signifies undoubtedly one of the most finest days in Mexico’s historical past. It’s the anniversary of the country’s declaration of independence from Spain.


The day commemorates when Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo in 1810 made the whisper for independence hours after midnight by giving a riveting speech in the metropolis of Dolores – now identified as Dolores Hidalgo – and ringing the metropolis’s church bells. The second, which turned identified because the “Grito de Dolores,” used to be the birth of the 11-three hundred and sixty five days Mexican Battle of Independence that resulted in Mexico gaining freedom from Spain after being beneath colonial rule for over 300 years.

These uncommon with the holiday might per chance well fair glimpse comparisons to the U.S. Declaration of Independence. They are the same in that every country broke a long way from European rule, but that’s as shut as they accumulate.

Right here’s what to know about Mexican Independence Day.

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How Mexico’s independence account differs from the US

Gaining freedom in Mexico didn’t happen at the flip of a swap.

“Technically, they won their freedom. However the manner that freedom used to be won used to be not precise freedom,” Alexandro Gradilla, affiliate professor of Chicana and Chicano Be taught at California Divulge College, Fullerton, beforehand told USA TODAY. “Or not it is a combination of Fourth of July, Juneteenth, and sadly I’d sing April Fool’s, because other folks didn’t accumulate the freedom they thought they had been going to accumulate.”

To Gradilla and various historians, being beneath Spanish rule used to be vastly various than American citizens beneath British rule. Spaniards had bigger vitality over the Indigenous other folks of Mexico, who had been veritably considered as second-class electorate.


That’s what made the Grito de Dolores such an iconic second in the brand new country; it gave other folks hope that they’d per chance be free.


The ensuing battle would result in spherical 15,000 Mexican deaths, in accordance with the Novel World Encyclopedia, noteworthy elevated than the estimated 6,800 American citizens killed in motion at some point of the Modern Battle.


“The country used to be tranquil in the kind of precarious location,” acknowledged Dolores Inés Casillas, director of the College of California, Santa Barbara’s Chicano Be taught Institute. “It used to be a battle-torn country after that, so constructing it used to be noteworthy extra subtle.”

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A new nation tries to make before Mexican-American Battle

Mario Garcia, a Chicanx historian from UC Santa Barbara, acknowledged the battle additionally severely impacted the country’s natural sources, establishing instability economically and politically, therefore making Mexico “noteworthy much less interesting for independence.”

“Even as you happen to perceive at the predominant years, the predominant decades of Mexico’s independence, it used to be a extraordinarily frail country,” Garcia acknowledged. “They had been ailing-interesting to turn into an fair country.”


Making an strive to waste a country following the battle is what made it extra subtle for Mexico to defend itself in the Mexican-American Battle that resulted in the U.S. acquiring noteworthy of the explain-day Southwest.

“Mexico had no historical past of self-governance, and that is a predominant incompatibility between Mexico and america when it achieves its independence,” Garcia added.


Hidalgo’s bell tranquil rings 300 years later

Irrespective of the toll the wars took on Mexico, it used to be tranquil a predominant victory in turning into its delight in nation, one which is significantly effectively-known this day.

Every three hundred and sixty five days at some point of the leisurely night of Sept. 15, the president of Mexico stands on the balcony of the Nationwide Palace in Mexico City and delivers a speech equivalent to Hidalgo’s and honors those who fought for the country’s independence. The president additionally waves a Mexican flag and rings the identical bell Hidalgo did over 300 years in the past.


Casillas acknowledged when she used to be in the country in September 2017, she remembered everybody feeling “a sense of nationwide pride.”

“Everyone’s essentially interesting with the second,” she acknowledged.

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Mexican Independence Day vs. Cinco de Mayo


Despite the occasion, the holiday tranquil veritably will get puzzled with Cinco de Mayo, which is the occasion of Mexico defeating every other global superpower, France, in the Battle of Puebla in 1862.


Some other folks, like Robert Castro, director of Chicanx and Latinx studies at the College of California, San Diego, sing Sept. 16 will get overshadowed in the U.S. as a result of Cinco de Mayo.


There are rather loads of reasons as to why the Could per chance holiday is extra identified, with Casillas asserting companies’ sales surrounding the day helped it waste reputation in the U.S.

Gradilla and Castro both acknowledged that many Mexican-American citizens had been inspired by the Could per chance holiday at some point of the Chicano Civil Rights Inch throughout the 20th century, which used to be about “ending oppression and tyranny.”

“Many Chicano activists old that shuttle as a potential to celebrate their roots and explain their appreciation and pride of Mexican tradition. For the explanation that Battle of Puebla used to be led by Mexico’s first and completely Indigenous president, Benito Jaurez, they felt that tournament most intriguing symbolized their pride and identities as Chicanos, as Mexican American citizens,” Castro acknowledged.

Costa Rica, Chile celebrate independence this month

Many Central American worldwide locations additionally glimpse their independence days spherical the identical time as Mexico. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica celebrate Sept. 15, while Chile observes Sept. 18. The rather loads of days of independence are why Hispanic Heritage Month begins on Sept. 15.


Still, historians don’t mediate other folks must tranquil underestimate the importance of Sept. 16, and believe it wishes to be effectively-known.

There are rather loads of programs other folks can celebrate the holiday outside of Mexico. Families and chums will veritably throw events collectively because the holiday is ready coming collectively as one. Castro acknowledged the day represents cohesion, perseverance, liberation, freedom and pleasure, that are tranquil some tips Gradilla believes Mexican-American citizens wishes to be inspired to continue to warfare for.


“The finest manner to honor the day is to waste social justice or collective-minded political work,” he acknowledged.

“They had been ready to swap a scheme by organizing and by pushing assist, and I mediate other folks possess to continually take into account that swap is feasible. I kind of glimpse it as a second of hope.”





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