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What is the judge looking at before the 2nd HR?

What was Judge looking at before 2nd HR?

Blue Jays broadcast shows Yonkers slugger glancing at the dugout while at bat

TORONTO — The Blue Jays’ senior broadcast team on Sportsnet, Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez, were at their eighth inning Monday night when Aaron Judge A strange phenomenon was found on the monitor. A close-up shows the Yankees slugger’s eye flying to the right; it happened again a few balls later.

“What’s that? Where is he looking?” Shulman said on the radio. “And he’s done it more than once. “

Martinez said Judge’s eye movement looked “really very unusual,” and the former major league catcher added that while he had seen players back and steal, Judge “couldn’t see the catch. He’s right there in the golfer’s way. “

when the judge slammed Toronto backup Jay Jackson’s next ball on the grounds that A halftime home run gave the Yankees a 7-0 lead and live commentary sparked a storm of speculation online.

What is that? Conspiracy theorists may be disappointed by the simplicity of the judge’s explanation.



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