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what it's like to be a barbie doll for a day

Meanwhile, our resident fashion queens Willow Lindley, Naomi Elizee, Ciarra Lorren Zatorski and Mai Morsch are presenting my wardrobe at Vogue

Here I put together my first personal outfit. I’m already picturing myself in some sort of skirt suit, and the dizzying array of rainbow-colored options on the shelves reminds me of the bright pink Self-Portrait number Gigi Hadid wore in her ad campaign. On me, it showed a small portion of my waist and most of my legs, and it felt right (plus, it fit like a glove). I worked on the idea of ​​a freezing point for Barbie’s feet and brought my own handmade white Swedish Hasbeen clogs to clatter around without breaking character.

Arrive at the office on Friday, I sit in a fancy chair and four hands begin a two hour long makeover. Frosto and Shepard braided my hair tightly and covered it with a blond wig that looked magical and Frosto immediately started cutting and styling it on the spot, something I’ve never seen before passed. There’s a reason he wears Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer on his hair: “Wigs are a little more intricately processed than regular real human hair,” he told me. “So it really helps seal the cuticle.” Once it’s trimmed into layers, blown out, and rolled into a hot curling iron, the thickening dry-spun texture spray (which smells great) “enhances soft, bouncy hair.” texture” and make everything look incredible.

Kuchera has started glowing my Barbie doll and explains the process behind the contouring and shading needed for the photoshoot, crafted with Pat McGrath Labs OG Hero Skin Fetish Highlighter. “What I really want to remember is the timelessness of Barbie and keep those really beautiful skin surfaces that feel modern,” she says. The taupe tones of Mothership 1: The subliminal palette and fluttering lashes brought my eyes to a cinematic dimension. “Sculpting out the eyes might be a little too much, but if you keep your skin highlighted and your cheeks a soft pink, it really refreshes it,” she says of using the divine blush cream in Peach Lotus to achieve her Said effect said my face took on a “juicy” color.

At this point, everyone in the room started to have their eyes wide open like saucers, and I was also shocked by how true this was everything looks. I put on a three-piece bodice suit, head out into the wild, and wander the financial district to understand why you need an entourage for a professional shoot. It was hot outside, and I stopped to buy a cone, which Tyrone from the Real Deal ice cream truck told me was free. Maybe it’s because I’m blonde now, or maybe it’s because I look like I might actually be part of a promotional tour. Some people filmed me with their iPhones, and I heard something like “oh la la” from vendors at street fairs. I FaceTimed my husband and can confirm that I never saw the look on his face when he saw me dressed up – it seemed like a combination of shock, awe and joy?



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