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What judges are looking for in the TATESC Comics Worldwide Awards

So, you want to win the 1st TATESC Comic Worldwide Awards Not only get a nice cash prize, but also have your own professional cartoon? It would certainly help, then, to know what the competition’s judges are looking for. So here’s what an English-speaking judge had to say on the subject.

What type of manga are you looking for?
Any type is welcome! Of course, popular genres like fantasy, romance, comedy, etc. are all accepted – and there are more niche genres as well. Is it a twist on common types or should it be completely different from the spec?
It’s still important that works appeal to readers of TATESC comics, so something completely different from what people are used to may appeal to viewers – but feel free to keep it unique.

Are you looking for broad appeal or something more niche and subtle?
Each title will be judged on how appealing it is to the audience for which it is intended. Therefore, whether it is broadcast widely or followed closely, what matters is whether it is suitable for its audience.

Should the submission be a complete story?
Not necessary. It can definitely be an accumulation of something bigger.
Please judge whether closing the commit this way is the most effective way to tell the story.

Is it a good idea to read comics from past winners before submitting my entry?
Past winners, but also other popular vertical scrolling comics or comics in your favorite genre, can give you ideas on how to get started – but Please don’t just copy other people’s work. Make sure to make something of your own!

Which is more important, art or story?
It depends on the job! If you feel like your strength lies in one of these, make sure you bring out your best.

Can submissions be in black and white? Or should it be fully colored?
Please use color in your submission. How complex your coloring is is up to you, but TATESC comics are usually in color rather than black and white.

How important is it to creatively incorporate vertical scrolling formats?
This is definitely a factor in evaluating entries. Effective use of media is important.

What advice do you have for successful submission?
Don’t miss the submission deadline!

So there you have it. For all the rules, prizes and how to submit your vertically scrolling comics for the 1st TATESC Comics Global Awards, be sure to check out the official competition page. Good luck! 8458318 8458318



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