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What makes the portrait scene in My Cop so…hot?

Michael Grandage My Cop has a pivotal scene in which museum director Patrick (David Dawson) will Police Tom (Harris Styles) is brought into his apartment. Patrick introduces Tom as “my cousin” to a nosy neighbor across the hall because he’s not sure if Tom wants anyone to know that he, a policeman, is coming to paint his portrait. (Among the Conservatives 1950, when gay sex was still illegal in the UK, even a seemingly innocent meeting like this could raise suspicion.) Inside a tastefully decorated Brighton flat , Tom said on his police uniform and pose. After that, the two sat on the sofa together. With the kind of courage that only a few big whiskeys can bring, Tom stroked Patrick’s neck—you can guess what’s going to happen next.

Sexual tension rises over time as Patrick paints Tom’s portrait with his pencil swiping across the page. It’s worth noting that the gay scene unfolds without much dialogue as part of Grandage’s plans for the film. “Sight and touch are part of the language I want to use to tell this story,” he explained to Vogue. In his apartment, a hand sliding on a marble, or the way someone holds a cigarette. “

My Cop is definitely not meant to be the first film to use portraiture as an erotic, narrative-driven device. Most The most famous of course is the Titanic , which was released in December this year 25 years ago. This blockbuster features a photo from the seabed It opens with a mysterious portrait of a young Rose (Kate Winslet) found in the wreckage. Rose tells the story of how it came to be, until she wears nothing but a blue heart-shaped diamond necklace for struggling artist lover Jake (Lynn). Leonardo DiCaprio) posing. Of course, it wasn’t long before the couple had steamy sex in the car. In Peter Webb’s Girl with a Pearl Earring , based on the novel of the same name 1999, the young century servant Gerrit (Scarlett Johansson) is a Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer ( Colin Firth) acts as a model. Towards the end of the film, Vermeer pierces her earlobe so she can wear the earrings that make his most famous portrait so distinctive—a scene with a deliberate (If there is a problem) Shoot in a sensual way.



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