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What to Wear This Vacation, From 11 Vogue Editors

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Few topics are as controversial as airport style. For the rich and famous, it’s a veritable art form, with actors boarding planes in costumes and heels; for the average traveler, on the other hand, wearing pajamas can be an excuse. In Vogue most of us walk somewhere in the middle, aiming for a comfortable, casual and comfortable look – but Still have to be presentable! That’s easier said than done though, which is why we still find ourselves going through our closets at 4: was looking for something we wouldn’t regret in a cramped, stuffy plane (or train, bus or car) clothes on.

Everyone has their own idea of ​​the “perfect” travel uniform, so we asked edited to share theirs. For some of us, it’s been all about luxurious sweats and athleisure, while others are adamantly against leggings. Some prefer comfy sneakers, while others prefer more refined loafers—some editors even have in-flight skincare strategies, often in the form of moisturizers or masks to combat the frigid cabin air. Read (and shop) all of their tips below before Thanksgiving.

Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Jewelry Director

My flight uniform is only for long flights The situation is different. This Thanksgiving is a domestic flight, so it is very classic: Slvrlake jeans (I wear this all the time, it will not be too rigid, but it will not be wrapped when I sit in it, so I don’t have to think about wearing it on the plane), a long-sleeved Kule A striped t-shirt (I’ll swap out the sweater or cardigan depending on the weather forecast), and a “throw it all” tote bag. Honestly, the tote is an addition to my inevitable backpack filled with snacks, activities, and essentials for the kids; catcher of fallen things). Finish off with sneakers (vans or Nikes) and (again, totally transparent) baby carriers for your entire wardrobe.

Elise Taylor, Senior Living Writer

I travel for

coverageVogue and Vogue.com , which means if I’m not on the plane, I’ll book one. Here’s my cold-weather travel uniform: On top, I wear a cozy Jenni Kayne sweater that doubles as a travel wardrobe staple. Then there are the flattering Ciao Lucia trousers, with elasticated waistband and drawstring for comfort even on a transatlantic flight. My apparel MVP is easy on sneakers – I always need something I can sprint through the airport in. Seven minutes to my connection at the other end of O’Hare? challenge accepted.

Jenni Kayne Cocoon Crew

Ciao Lucia Primo Drawstring Pants

Jenni Kayne Roller Skates

Ciarra Lorren Zatorski, Associate Marketing Editor

Thank goodness there are no dreaded airport lines for Thanksgiving travel this year. Yet, an hour and a half drive to the Jersey Shore still calls for cozy fall outfits. Everlane’s half-zip sweater paired with my new Pedro García boots are comfortable and stylish.

Everlane Felt Merino Half Zipper sweater

7 For All Man Kind Dojo Jeans

Pedro García Enia Sock Boots

Julie Tong, Commercial Director

I like to keep my airport travel style low key and comfortable, but still chic. I love these slit pants from Mango; they have the comfort of leggings with the sophistication of pants. I usually pair it with my coziest sweater, like my Vogue crew neck sweater, or Vince’s cozy pullover.

Vince Rib Knit Sweater

Kiana Murden, Beauty Business Writer

Comfort and versatility are key to my travel uniform, no matter Be it on a plane, train or car! I like to be ready for whatever lies ahead. I start with loose-fitting pants like these straight-leg sweatpants from Alo Yoga, which I like to pair with comfortable boots. Then, I layer it with an everyday tank top and cozy sweater, which I can easily layer depending on the temperature.

Alo Yoga Accolade Pants

Lilah Ramzi, Business and Party Editor

On my last couple of flights, I’ve brought a cashmere poncho and it’s definitely been a game changer . It’s the chicest way to beat an airplane’s air conditioning and create a cocoon of comfort, which is key to travel, because let’s face it, travel is an all-around terrible experience. Plus, it fits perfectly in my carry-on, it’s a nice Métier bag.

Deveaux New York Beatrice Cape

Métier Incognito Small Leather Tote

Eliseé Browchuk, Production and Marketing Manager, experiences

I have two holiday travel essentials, this La Ligne stripe Quarter zip and a pair of Beyond Yoga flared pants. During one of the most stressful times of the year, I try to keep my outfits simple and versatile. I knew the sweater would come in handy for a last-minute grocery store look, and an extra pair of sweatpants on hand is always a good idea.

Beyond Yoga space dyed flared pants

Ian Malone, Experience Manager

I am traveling from New York to Boston to give thanks. By late November, both cities were completely frozen over. A warm coat is essential when traveling. I like this Gorski option. Fox lining provides the perfect, snug hug.

Gorski Fox Fur Trim Parka

Clarissa Schmidt, Business Producer

Fortunately, my vacation home is only a 3 hour drive (top!) from the city. Since it’s in upstate NY, I always pack my thermal essentials first for cold weather and cozy nights. Think thermal leggings, down jackets and blanket scarves.

Everlane ReNew Long Down Jacket

Uniqlo Heattech Ultra Thermal Leggings

Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Hat, Scarf and Gloves Set

Kylee McGuigan, Commercial Associate Producer

My way home is a quick 1.5 hour express train ride (plus , but comfort and warmth are always primary consideration. I’ve been looking for a matching basic set, and this oversized sweatshirt and track pants from H&M definitely piqued my interest; they’re soft and lightweight, and I can layer them with the rest of my loungewear.


Senior Beauty Editor Lauren Valenti

Luckily my family is local, I just have to hop on the train and that’s it Thanks for giving. So, this time of year I don my premium touring uniform. It always consists of stylish black must-haves—thick scarves, boxy sweaters, flared trousers, and mid-heel leather boots—with a bright long coat and tinted sunglasses for a pop of colour.It is chic, comfortable and formal It strikes the right balance, enough to jump straight into a family gathering.

Wilfred Pavant Quilted Long Jacket

& Other Stories Loose Shoulder Pad Sweater

Lola’s East Coast Flared Jeans


43769801095317215M. Gemi The Cristina Boots



938873441076872Holzweiler Aster Solid Black Scarf



0994088001Lexxola Antonio Sunglasses




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