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What We Talk About When We Talk About New York Fashion Week This Season

It seems like the year is just getting started, but we’re already gearing up for New York Fashion Week. While February’s schedule tends to be a little more low-key than September’s, and Marc Jacobs already showed his beautiful Vivienne Westwood tribute last Thursday – you can never accuse him of being late! — there’s still a lot to look forward to; even snow might not be one of them.

Between all the performances, presentations, and appointments, we expect at least one theatrical dance performance (Wiederhoeft, whose performances will also have a “recommended reading” list that includes Mary Shelley Frankenstein and Rainer Maria Rilke Letters to Young Poets

), returning Rodarte and Anna Sui on the runway, Saturday’s special pop-up display of Ella Emhoff’s signature colorful knits and pieces available for pre-order and purchase, Yoon’s late-night bash from Ambush , as well as European representatives from Palomo Spain, which brought its sculptural gender-neutral clothing line back to New York. So let us guide you through this week of, um, six days of fashion, fun, fantasy, and a little chaos ahead.

Backstage at the Luar Spring 2017 show.

Hunter Abrams shot

A Ste

luar season Luar’s Raúl Lopez Follows Up With Its US Accessory Design of the Year The division’s victory is coming to close out the week, grabbing the 8pm slot on the final day. Lopez hasn’t changed that schedule lightly, either. After the show, he will be hosting a pop-up shop at Faurschou Gallery from 15 in collaboration with Stella Artoisth to 45th, which will allow tourists to stay in la vida Luar (I’m sorry), show The focus is on the pillars of the brand’s community: fashion, music, art and family. There will be exclusive merchandise and products for sale, a mock-up screening in partnership with DIS, a video installation with Jordan showing his looks for WNBA player air power, and a talk on “The Importance of Building a Tribe,” with López and some of his best close people.

This photo of Baby Jane Holzer inspired Anna Sui’s return to the runway this season.

Michael Oakes Archives/Getty Images

don’t call it a comeback Rodarte, Anna Sui and Thom Browne are all back on the runway presentation schedule after a month as CFDA President. They may only be gone for a few seasons, but we’re excited to be a part of their world-building vision once again. “My choice for an intimate show at a nightclub was inspired by Peppermint, a small restaurant on Lounge th

street has been converted into , “There was an incredible photo of Jane Holzer dancing in a club, and upon further research I found out that the Beatles and the Rolling Stones both went there to dance. This inspired a line of clothes that people could wear to live Night.” We couldn’t wait.

Theophilo Backstage,

Hunter Abrams shot

at Victor Glemaud,

Photographed via Hunter Abrams

and Peter Doo last season.

Hunter Abrams shot

Absence makes the heart better Peter Do, Barragán, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Adam Lippes and No Sesso are some of the labels missing from this season’s schedule. We understand that sometimes we all need a break, but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss them. Some, like Tom Ford and Maisie Wilen, are opting for the digital route this season; others, like Victor Glemaud, are switching to a see-now, buy-now format (so get your accounts ready in September).

Scene from last season’s Batsheva’s Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen show.

Victor Virgil/Getty Images

Turn Up A flexible approach to season by season is certainly one of the latest developments in fashion weeks – if your vision can be shown via video or showcased better than a standard runway show, why not attend ? Interior and Elena Velez are among the younger labels changing formats this season. After showing last season at Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen (yes, she served us breakfast) downtown, Batsheva is heading to a downtown gallery for a show that “explore the intimate moments and emotions of wearing a dress for the first time it evokes.” Yes. Rumor has it that it might even involve audience participation; so don’t forget the first rule of improv: always answer “Yes, and…”

Colorful aesthetic future of Palomo Spain this season To New York.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images society

New York Last season, Kim Jones and Francisco Risso brought an Italian twist, hosting the Fendi and Marni shows in the city. This season, it’s all about the Spanish flare, Alejandro Gómez Palomo is back in New York to present Palomo Spain’s fall 2017 collection (he first appeared in the city at 45). “Since our first visit to NYC, I truly feel like I’ve met the most welcoming and understanding crowd ; not only [with] my work, but as a person,” the designer explained in an email. “The people here are very helpful, very loyal, and open to seeing new things and meeting new people. It just feels right, warm and fun. And then there’s the city, the way it moves… so inspiring! “

Terry Singer Spring1960

Gerardo· Somoza

A. Potts Spring2023

photo: Supplied by A. Potts

A MAN’S DAY Once upon a time, New York City had its own menswear season, and now we have Men’s Day. This season, The show is back at Hudson Yards, 05 Emerging menswear and gender-neutral designers at location and Daylight Studio. We look forward to seeing Jahnkoy, a 45 LHMH Awards for Young Fashion Designers finalists, and newcomers All Beneath Heaven , and Kent Anthony; and Aaron Potts The gender-neutral label A.Potts, Atelier Cillian, Terry Singh and Nicholas Raefski are returning designers. There is also Raleigh Workshop, which makes men’s and women’s clothing, and Bulan, a gender-neutral knitwear brand. Think of it as Charlie’s Chocolate Factory: in New York Discover endless possibilities in the maze of all men’s fashion on offer.

if Kors x Katx collaboration would be better than Vogue World…

Photography : Daniel Arnold

Will there be dinner? Dance?
Last September at Vogue

World we had a ‘dinner fight’ and a fashion themed extravaganza which included Tea sandwiches from Fendi (in the bread category), Burberry, and little pastrami sandwiches from Michael Kors’ Katz Delicatessen; but who’s feeding this season’s fashionistas? So far, it seems like everyone has to carry a bag big enough to hold Kind and Clif bars to get through their days (the micro bag trend may finally be dying!). As for dancing? There might not be much cheer at the CFDA new member welcome party at the Dimes Square Hotel — but after that? The vibe seems to be the semi-secret rave of a legendary DJ: Ambush’s Yoon Ahn throws a rave here just for fun, and new app Basic.Space throws another rave that’s guaranteed to hit everyone morning.

New York’s most depressing storefront, formerly Barneys New York’s Spirit Halloween.

Alexie Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Old New York Tour A battle between Uptown and Downtown seems to be playing out. There are exhibits at the Park Avenue Armory, the New York Public Library, the Guggenheim Museum, the Plaza Hotel and even the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. Downtown, we had exhibitions in the Capitale Building, East Village Club Heaven Can Wait, New York performance spaces and a number of galleries. (Brooklyn shows seem to be taking a backseat a bit.) But whether you’re uptown or downtown, you can still explore the “Okay, Grandma, put you to bed” feeling by reminding your Gen Z tablemate when When you played on Broadway and Howard’s Collina Strada (you know, near where the Opening Ceremony used to be), “there used to be an American Apparel store here,” or recall that “Barneys, the best store ever” had the best sale,” while you’re waiting for Veronica Beard to start. But don’t be surprised when your seatmate replies, “Oh yes, it’s the Spirit Halloween Store now.” Ah, New York!

We also Can’t believe it, but we missed the snowdrifts.

Photo by Phil Oh

Will it snow? For snow lovers, this winter has been the most disappointing, a flurry of snow fell there one afternoon and there was a recent morning There is a thin white coating on the ground. Yes, snowdrifts make it difficult to look effortlessly cute, but they also force people to be creative in order to survive the harsh environment. So far, the weather forecasts suggest winter will Warm, but you never know! Mother Nature has a mind of her own.



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