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What would Susan Sontag say? • Andrea Borchiola

” The shocking images of people jumping from the Twin Towers have had a profound effect on our collective memory. At the same time, they are the target of ongoing strategies of repression with equal but opposite urgency” (M. Carbone, L’evento dell’ Setup , p. )

The Falling Man depicted in his aesthetic perfection and tangible horror, the infamous September, th The photo is an image that better sums up the tragedy of that day, which has become a part of history A true watershed moment. However, it became the direct target of a ferocious censorship campaign, so much so that Juno wrote on Esquire: “In the US, it was painstakingly removed from the September records th”. “Something extreme and transcendent makes this imagery against our mental reference system and does so to such an extent that it looks unbearable that it needs to be removed. It doesn’t just mean being buried under the rug, but is evicted and almost “quarantined” to prevent it from reappearing. This makes it invisible twice; first by being hidden, and second by potential events that prevent it from reappearing (cf: Mauro Carbone, L’evento dell’ Settings

. Quando iniziò il XXI secolo, Mimesis, Milan, 350).



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