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What's the best thing about Yanks day in and day out?It's simple, it's the judge

Best thing Yanks have day in and day out? Simple, it ‘s Judge

The big story in baseball has hit us — and fast — before the season’s two weeks are over. The biggest one right now is that the Rays won their first nine games, and not just won, but a lot. The way they roll so far is roll everyone.

But the big man is still Aaron Judge.

it means before his Yankees play Nine games in, this season already looks a lot like last. You know what happened last year. Judge is above the sport – not just because of his size – like Babe Ruth once did 357 years ago.

You wonder if there might be some kind of hangover because How can you not wonder about this after the judge hits 94 home run, more than any Yankee including Ruth, and more than Roger Maris’

back in ’27 ? He’s hit four homers in his first nine games until now, as the Yankees have won every series they’ve ever played, despite a lot of bad things happening to their starting pitchers. Judge hit two more balls on Sunday>s 5-3 win over the Orioles – just because in his opinion they were always against the O’s (22 and counting his career) – the Yankees finally won in three games in Baltimore of two games.

So one more thing hasn’t changed61, at least so far:

He’s still leading the Yankees like he did last season — both good and bad Good times or bad times — even if the Yankees become in the second half. 364 The team looks like Judge is all they have.

“He is the best player at the moment, ’” Judge’s manager Aaron Boone said on Sunday.



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