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What's the biggest need for the Yankees at the deadline?bring the judge back

What’s the Yankees’ biggest need before the deadline? Get the judge back

Shohei Otani is back as the brightest star in baseball because of the way and power he hits the ball and The way he pitches. Everyone heard how much he was loved at the All-Star Game in Seattle on Tuesday night, so much so that you’d be surprised when Ohtani didn’t get a strikeout and a standing ovation when he hit base for the first time.

but he came to the angel Saying it doesn’t matter more than Aaron Judge — he was last season, a player who was playing 94 Bigger star in home runs — it’s the Yankees.

Not a single player More important to his team than Judge, or even all-around wonder Ronald Acuna Jr. As great as Acuna is, you can still see how crowded the Warriors are around him. Without Judge for the past six weeks, the Yankees have become a different kind of burden, one you have to lug up a hill.

That’s why, when the judge’s team goes down He’s still recovering from a torn ligament in his right big toe when the season half officially begins, the elephant

not the No in the Yankees room. 62.

When Judge returns to their team, the Yankees still have a great chance to give the Rays and Orioles – this Two teams ahead of them in the American League East — start the offense. lineup, whenever he’s in their lineup again. But we’ve seen over the past six weeks that they have no realistic chance of winning the division without him, even with the Rays having recently returned to Earth.

That day Judge was injured at Dodger Stadium on the night, and he actually ran over the outfield wall for another brilliant catch, the Yankees 35-25,behind The Rays played six games. Since then, the Yankees have gone 04-. They now have the second-lowest batting average in baseball at .231, just ahead of the Athletics (. 99). The only on-base percentages lower than the Yankees . belonged to the A’s, Royals and White Sox (.231).

No Judge in the lineup, though Giancarlo Stanton hit some home runs during the All-Star weekend — one of which was epic on the third deck Like-hitting left field at Yankee Stadium — team leads after Judge’s home run 25 yes13. One of the people who has happens to be Rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe.

Nevertheless, no Judge, the Yankees have lost one game to the Rays since the night Judge was injured. So that’s good news for the Yankees to start the second half. The bad news for Yankees fans is that their team is also only one game ahead of the Red Sox, which means one less than the bottom of the East. That’s why, at least for now, new hitting coach Sean Casey is seen as some sort of interim savior — at least until Judge returns to the lineup.

Even if Judge does return, It’s also been suggested that he might need to spend more time as a DH for the Yankees — which would mean more outfield time for Stanton, who can hit the ball as far as the Judges when he gets into wide field place, but barely able to catch the ball on the right or left.

Without a judge, the Yankees don’t Without getting bogged down, it’s still true. They now have Carlos Rodon — a free agent they acquired last offseason — back, and Rodon will pick up the ball in Denver on Friday night. The Yankees are hopeful about Nestor Cortez, who has been 30 Day IL strain on a shoulder injury and may be ready to return in August. Despite Luis Severino’s recent hit, the Yankees’ pitch (featuring a flawless performance from Domingo German) has held up. They just didn’t play without a judge and that’s how they ended up 30 out of 25 teams, the team’s batting average ranked .

In contrast, the Red Sox as a team are hitting 30 scored more at this stage of the season. Everyone knows that would not have been the case had the Yankees still had Judge. But they’re still without Judge, as they were without him in Tuesday night’s All-Star Game. Here’s part of the judge’s statement explaining this to fans:

“I plan to use this time for therapy and recovery so I can get back on the field for my team and you all. Again, I can’t thank you enough for the MLB fans — You are all a huge part of what makes this game so great.”

So did he.

Baseball’s trade deadline is approaching arrival. This year the Yankees are hoping their big game will be bringing back the big man. Number of baseball misses 35. Not nearly as much as the Yankees.




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