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What's up with Senator Lindsey Graham's 15-week abortion ban?

It appears that

rolls over Roe v. Wade has not done enough to limit the bodily autonomy of some Republican senators as Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill on Tuesday that would Will ban most nationwide pregnancy weeks of pregnancy Abortion. Fortunately, the chance of this bill passing Congress is slim, but afterRoe era, it offers a grim glimpse of where the fight against reproductive freedom is headed. Below, find all the details of Graham’s proposed abortion ban.

What’s in the bill?

Graham’s bill was falsely touted as a “late abortion ban,” but in reality, it seeks to cut off access to abortion weeks, while “late” abortions are usually designated as week or later. The bill, introduced three months after the fall of

Roe , would allow abortions beyond – Week mark only in case of rape, incest or saving mother’s life.

Where does Graham’s bill restrict abortion the most?

The bill appears to be targeting blue states without abortion trigger laws, a shocking sign that the GOP is not Contented with banning abortion only in conservative-majority states like Texas and Oklahoma.

Is the bill expected to pass?

Fortunately, no. Democrats currently hold narrow majorities in both the House and Senate, meaning Graham’s bill has little chance of successfully passing Congress.

Who came out to condemn the bill?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — who has often voiced support for abortion restrictions in the past — seems to be interested in The bill backing Graham was particularly hesitant, telling reporters on Tuesday, “I think the majority of my membership meeting is hopeful that this will be dealt with at the state level.” For its part, the Biden administration says the bill is “consistent with how Americans see it.” very different.”



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