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When will Ayumu take action? ‒ Episode 12

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When will Ayumu take action? ?

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Finally, another season of anime is over, that’s it ending: not a confession, but… well, even saying “wheeze” here is misleading, because it means Shows are not always on Things are so soft and distracting. “Shrug”, maybe? Maybe a “half-hearted nod to passive acknowledgment”? I have no idea. I would say, despite being the last episode of the season, Ayumu Pretty much the same as every previous episode, which is to say, it does exist as a thing in my brain for the twenty minutes or so I’ve been watching. It’s starting to evaporate and thin, though. The air is out, even as I type, God knows if I can remember

anything This time about the show comes next Tuesday.

It doesn’t help, although it’s kind of like last week that Ayumu and Urushi The vacation phone chat is set to some sort of emotional climax, a scene that barely makes any sense, and despite its shortness, it has no substance. Even the central joke doesn’t work because it revolves around Ayumu accidentally giving Urushi a “moon is beautiful” quote, completely sincere. Not only is Da Qi a little flustered that Xiaobu’s unintentional romanticism is too exaggerated and understated to be particularly cute, at this point, I also can’t believe that no one at Bubu doesn’t fully realize “The Moon is Beautiful” ” is a cliché. Maybe it’s just my bias as an anime fan – I don’t think I can say how often this phrase appears in the real conversations of modern Japanese romantics – but the point is that the show can’t sell it convincingly. , so it just doesn’t work.

Then, Urushi spent too much time trying to pick up She lost her good-luck charm as a cat, which eventually led to what I thought should be the big moment for Dae-jac to realize how much Ayumu meant to her, which… ok? It’s ok. Like I’ve been saying, Ayumu

core issue), with Takagi-san , the more typical age and personality type of the characters in the previous series means that their romantic play lacks all the organic and charming awkwardness of the latter. These kids are still a year or two away from full-fledged adults, so there’s nothing special about watching them embrace their ridiculously obvious fascination with each other.

Also, the show was completely eliminated in the final stages; Ayumu doesn’t even make any moves, even though he (technically) beat Urushi! We already knew they liked each other, their friends already knew, and the two of them were basically a couple already, so the only meaningful development we’d get with this setup was for the kids to at least verbalize their feelings, and can’t even promise. I can wait three seasons for Takagi and Occidental to admit that they like each other because this is a very important milestone in their personal journey to adulthood. It’s almost annoying for Urushi and Ayumu that they can’t just figure themselves out and have reached the next level in their relationship.

I know I’ve spent a lot of time on the last comment so I want to end things by reminding you guys Not a bad anime; it’s just an aggressive average so much that I don’t know what even die-hard romcom fans are going to get out of it, and a dozen different competitors don’t do it better. Take my word for it: you’d better watch the old Mr. Takagi

rerun instead.


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