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When will Ayumu take action? ‒ Episode 7

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When was Ayumu made His move? ?

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I know I’m already at before, but worth repeating, especially since “I Can’t Give Up, Senior” is one of those episodes that sounds pretty good on paper , but loses much of its charm and effectiveness when translated into animation. Thankfully, its production woes were far less severe than last week. The show looks pretty good this time around, for the most part. Rather, it’s the concise direction and overall weakness of the story that drags this down. It’s far from scary, but Ayumu continues to disappoint everyone.

Most importantly, my “biggest complaint” I can’t give up, seniors” is how long it takes to feel like this story makes any sense. Granted, I’ve been working with the most understated low key yashikei type of show, but I don’t think that’s the problem Ayumu . This is a plot by Possibly fifteen minutes of stories (if we are being generous) will be extended to more than 20 minutes Showtime. Now, an extra five minutes might not sound like much to hang up on, but when five minutes is about 20% of your total run time, it can Feels like an hour. Especially in this case, all the extra time isn’t even allotted to tell an interesting story, or any story. Instead, we Just got so many single shots and clips that it just felt like one frame was too long and the extra dialogue swaps were filling in more than anything else.

Here’s a full breakdown of what happened in the first half of the episode: Ayumu and Urushi reminisce another school year, they and Takeru Checked out the new class roster with Sakurako, then flashbacks to the first time Ayumu met Urushi and was so hooked that he immediately joined the shogi club, an unseen sight. And a random event where Urushi’s friends missed out Tickle her for no reason. Lest you think I’m exaggerating the simplicity of something as important as our main character’s encounter being cute, no, there’s no extra angle or special execution to make this scene stand out. Urushi lost some flyers, Ayumu picked them up and they all blushed. That’s what it was all about, except Takeru was there reacting faces. These are not

bad , but my gosh it feels like empty calories, starving or even a little substance or even a few pieces when you sit there Funny joke about breadcrumbs. Thankfully, when we were introduced, the episode did Improvements to the newest (and most reluctant) member of the shogi club: Rin Kagawa. Before the arrival of Takeru and Ayumu’s former classmates, our gang had absolutely no luck recruiting fledgling shogi lovers, but it turns out that she was just signing on under the wrong impression that the pair was still kendo, which is Rin’s unique passion . This misunderstanding leads Rin to challenge Ayuki to his club membership fate: if he wins, Rin joins the shogi club, and if he loses, it’s kendo from here on out.

I’m not going to pretend this is an amazing development because Threatening Ayumu to leave the club is a complete perfunctory, and this show is not meant to waste precious resources and time, actually the show Our exciting Kendo competition. Nonetheless, the ridiculously official Rin is a solid addition to a desperately in need of fleshing out cast, and it’s nice to see Ayumu start his obsession with winning forever to live in his brain, free rental.

I really don’t like how much time I spend criticizing once a week, but the show doesn’t give Too much of my work here; I can’t do a good job of writing “this show is kind of boring, but otherwise harmless” for every review. Hopefully Rin’s presence on the show will take the momentum up a notch, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope.


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