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When will Ayumu take action? – Episode 11

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When will Ayumu take action? ?

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What did I find is when it focuses on a very specific aspect of the young love experience that I tend to have the most fun with. Not much comedy or sadness to dig out of a pair of kids, just hanging out and playing a board game I barely understand the rules (thanks, Yakuza : Like a Dragon !), but that’s a different story when the show can take advantage of the more impactful high school milestones of romance. “I Want to Get Stronger, Senior” isn’t the cutest episode of the show by any means, but it does take advantage of Urushi’s senior class journey, starting at one of the most relevant stages of Ayumu’s infatuation with Urushi’s Age: The feeling that you just want to be with the person you love despite being thousands of miles apart.

certainly, Ayumu got a lot of free points that resonated with my own high school nostalgia, but That’s just the nature of this type of romance show. Also, these bonus points are available for this episode, as the actual content of Urushi’s journey is rather disappointing with her missing Ayumu being separated. The part where Urushi is swarmed by deer is cute, but most of the episode is a tired and not particularly funny extended joke about Urushi’s small boobs. Look, I’m one of the few people on our school cast; I’ve

heard of The kind of shit teenage girls talk about when adults aren’t around. I just hope Urushi’s conversations with her friends don’t feel like they’re nothing more than a bunch of clichés made up by a grown man.

However, when Maki plays shogi with her lonely friend , she gets a little redemption, which is a nice parallel to how Rin and Takeo try their best to keep Ayumu busy, even though he obviously just wants to call Urushi and spend some time with her. It’s hell, like the scene where Urushi is waiting for any sign of her favorite club member, only to be fooled by push notifications from her LINE app. We’ve all been there, girl.

My other major annoyance has nothing to do with what this episode does, while Do with it without . I know I’ve been emphasizing how much I love that this show sells children’s emotions as they navigate these specific emotional touchstones, but e the episode ends before we actually see Urushi and Ayumu talking, the only thing I want to know The question is why that moment is seen as suspense. Will the season finale be entirely devoted to their calls? I figured it would be a fun way to end the season, although I don’t necessarily believe this show will make it the most compelling material ever.

Still, it was a very decent episode , not the half-bad way to bring us to the end of the series. In the real Ayumu In fashion, there is no duty to set anyone’s world forever, but It’s cute enough to get the job done.


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