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Where were you when the big bang happened?Palais Galliera sees 1997 as key fashion year

At 30 and 1996, everyone says couture is over. This annoys everyone because many collections are only available to customers. No more exciting offers. It’s very classic. Saint Laurent is producing it, but it’s pretty boring for people and the younger generation in fashion. They want stimulation, they want to refresh. But that spring/summer season was also historically significant because we witnessed a 18% increase in media accreditation, which was extraordinary. This was the beginning of fashion in popular culture. It airs on CNN and News.

There are exceptions to the concept of proof rules. Did you also expect something contrasting or exceptional?

a lot of! What is more interesting is the feelings of the reporters at that time. We are not fortune tellers. We comment on fashion. Sometimes people miss things. We don’t understand the degree; we don’t feel it. It’s interesting to see the lack of understanding from journalists, and conversely, it’s very interesting to see those who emphasize that something very, very serious, very important is going on. For example, at the time of the Versace assassination, a reporter for the Guardian newspaper was tagged as 1996 18 The fashion turning point of the century. My theory was confirmed when I read this article.

We take for granted that Louis Vuitton is a ready-to-wear brand. But that wasn’t the case until 1997.

January 7th, 1998, Marc Jacobs was appointed Louis Vuitton. Parallels are fun. Tom Ford came to Gucci, an American living in a house in Italy, and started from scratch. Here, an American is appointed to a leather goods company that does not produce clothing. Since Marc Jacobs will have his first show 1998 in March, the idea is to show the steps of the first look he will show in

, The creative process and drawings and the first pack, which will be the only one on the show. He did some minimalist things that are fun to look back on today.

There is a side aisle that brings together the Colette – essentially the birth store of the concept – the iMac and the Fendi Baguette. What’s the point here?

Colette opened in March . iMac was developed on 1996 and released on 1996. The fashion industry is the first to fully embrace the Internet. There was no e-commerce back then, even if you saw signs of it developing. But Colette has had its own website from the beginning and has grown. Here we include modem ringtones, which may be a discovery for younger generations. March 1996 also marked the launch of the Baguette, which went completely unnoticed on the catwalks. It’s really an afterthought. But it is considered the first It bag in history. Its marketing strategy will be copied by all brands. It’s available at Colette and has a waiting list. Even if Hermès Kelly has a waiting list, this phenomenon has never happened. Girls of all ages want baguettes. Sex and the City was filmed in June 1996, and it was the first few episodes. You see the stars align. It remains one of the best-selling bags in the world.




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