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Which ’90s Supermodel Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Sadly, the majority of us are not renowned ’90s supermodels. That’s what makes Vogue’s four September issue cover stars—Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington—so fascinating to watch on and off the runway. Their distinctive features and one-of-a-kind walks are entirely unique to them. 

Still, in an alternate universe, it’s fun to imagine which of the four supers we’d be. And, it turns out, we can find out via our new quiz below. 

Inspired by the four legendary supers—and their drastically different personalities, looks, and personal styles—Vogue has created a quiz that will allow you to see which supermodel suits you best. Are you edgy-chic like Crawford, who had a thing for moto jackets in the ‘90s (and beyond)? Are you extremely glam like Campbell, who, to this day, still slinks around in Versace’s mini dresses? Or, perhaps you’re more mysterious and intriguing like Evangelista, or philanthropy-minded like Turlington. Answer these 10 crucial questions—ranging from your astrology sign preferences, to your off-duty hobbies—to find out which catwalk star lies inside of you. 

Below, take Vogue’s official supermodels quiz. 

Which Supermodel Are You?

Photo illustrations by Hannah Tran / Vogue. Sources: Getty Images



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