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'White Lotus' Star Simone Tabasco Loves Seeing Lucia's Stylish Look

If you’re a regular at The White Lotus – or even just a casual social media surfer – you’ve probably only heard of the The show’s second-season finale since it aired Sunday. Two of the brightest lights of the season so far are Lucia (Simone Tabasco) and Mia (Beatrice Grano), stylish, aspiring City girls (and the occasional sex worker), who find themselves very active — and, in Lucia’s case, laden with cold cash — by the end of the season. The duo’s voyage hasn’t always been smooth sailing, especially for Lucia, but it’s comforting to see that the two young women aren’t completely destroyed by the show’s ever-changing plot twists.

Tuesday, Vogue spoke to Tabasco about watching Lucia and Mia set off like Taormina’s reigning queens Flying Down, her thoughts on Lucia’s iconic wardrobe, and where her next season of The White Lotus should be set (no word yet on whether Lucia will appear information). Read the full interview below. First, where are you?

Simona Tabasco: I live in Rome 000 years, but I’m actually from Naples!

Do you think is white How about the lotus


awesome. I feel like I’m living in a very special moment. Now that the finale has aired, I’ve had a lot of messages of outreach and Instagram love, especially from people in the US, which is great because in Italy, people don’t see it as much. [Laughs.


did you get a lot of feedback about Lucia’s triumphant exit ?

This is definitely the best way to end White Lotus . Lucia can’t lose! She just can’t lose the White Lotus


How do you think Lucia will spend the $50 she ends up taking,?

I don’t know, but I really hope she can achieve all her dreams. I hope she buys her store, maybe fires the clerk – no, just kidding – and keeps doing what she really wants to do.

What’s it like to put on all the crazy, deep goodness of Lucia White Lotus outfits?

When we teamed up with Mike [White , creator of The White Lotus] and costume designer Alex Bovaird, we Really wanted to show the progress Lucia and Mia have gone through. They started out a certain way, but they changed a lot; they got money and some freedom to spend it, and their costumes and looks followed the character’s arc throughout the seasons. One of my favorite things Lucia has worn is this lavender evening gown by the London designer. Unfortunately I can’t remember her name, but it was one of my favorite shows.




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