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WHO Europe expects more monkeypox-related deaths

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The World Health Organization’s European office said Saturday that more Monkeypox – Associated deaths are expected after the first reported death outside Africa, while stressing that serious complications remain rare.

“As monkeypox continues to spread in Europe, we expect to see more deaths,” Senior Emergency Response Catherine Smallwood, the official at WHO Europe, said in a statement. This outbreak”.

However, Smallwood stressed that in most cases, the disease resolves on its own without treatment .

“The notification of deaths from monkeypox did not change our assessment of the outbreak in Europe. We know that, despite self-limiting cases in most cases, monkeypox can cause serious complications,” Smallwood noted.

Spain’s Ministry of Health on Saturday recorded a second monkeypox-related death, a day after Spain and Brazil reported their first deaths.

These announcements marked what was considered to be related to the current output

Spanish authorities prior to autopsy results A specific cause of death would not be given, while Brazilian authorities stressed that the deceased had “other serious illnesses.”

“The patient may have Common reasons for needing hospitalization include helping to manage pain, secondary infections, and, in rare cases, life-threatening complications such as encephalitis,” explains Smallwood.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 18,000 cases have been identified around the world outside Africa, most of them in Europe, since the beginning of May.

The World Health Organization declared the monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency last week.

) The WHO on Wednesday called on the group now hardest hit by the virus — men who have sex with men — to limit their sexual partners as cases surged globally.

Early symptoms of the disease include high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and a varicella-like rash.

The disease usually clears up on its own in two to three weeks, sometimes taking a month.

Smallpox vaccine from Danish drugmaker Bavarian Nordic, marketed as Jynneos in the US and Imvanex in Europe, has also been found to protect against monkeypox.

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