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Who is Collis Valerian in “House of the Dragon” ?

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if Game of Thrones has taught us anything to never underestimate anyone who comes close to the throne. For

House of Dragons , viewers should pay close attention to Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) – AKA “Sea Serpent” — Wealthy seafarer of the Council of King Viserys I, husband of Princess Rhaenys Targaryen.

In a brief flashback in episode 1, Rhaenys is ignored for the throne and Viserys is chosen to be Westeros instead leader of. As classy as she looks, the Fire & Blood on which the series is based shows Rhaenys The battle for the throne with her husband Corlys is not over.

Corlys is the lord of House Velaryon. The family rules Driftmark, the largest island in Blackwater. They are also known for their impressive navy. They have been close allies of House Targaryen throughout history. In
Game of Thrones Valerion is mostly behind the scenes, they A staunch supporter of Stannis Baratheon, his brother, King Robert Baratheon, bequeathed to Stannis Dragonstone, the castle in Blackwater.

Collis commands the largest navy in Westeros.

Before gaining a seat in the Council of Viserys I, Collis sailed all over Westeros. His exploits were so extensive that when he built his own ship he acquired his alias “Sea Serpent”, aptly named “Sea Serpent”. Eventually he was also knighted and married to Rhaenys. Around the same time that Rhaenys was pregnant with their first child, King Jaehaerys announced that his new heir would be Veron (Viserys’ father), surpassing Rhaenys for the first time in the throne. Collis was incensed by this contempt, especially leaving the King’s Council. While Collis failed to take the throne (only the blood-related Targaryens would have been an option), he still yearned for the opportunity to advance his family.

Rhaenys is not named Queen for the second time, appearing in Dragon House in the first episode, after Veron’s death. By then, Collis and Rhaenys had two more children—a girl named Lena and a boy named Leno. This succession is voted on among the various lords of Westeros. Despite his use of his money and influence, Collis was unable to get Leno to appoint an heir, instead assigning the title to Viserys.

Without spoiling too much what’s to come, it’s important to know that Corliss has had an impressive effect on the Lords of Westeros , because of his fighting prowess, wealth, and how close he is to the crown. With two children, he could marry powerful allies and an army at his disposal, and he would become

Dragon House tempting supporters For Daemon or Rhaenaerys, the two most likely to be named the next rulers of Westeros.

His daughter Lena in Dragon House is also important.

Laena is another member of the Corlys family who plays an irreconcilable role in the conflict over who is Viserys’ heir. missing roles. After Viserys’ wife Emma died in childbirth, Collis saw an opportunity for Lena to marry Viserys. However, Rhaenys’ best friend, Allison Hightower, soon gained Viserys’ trust and eventually became the man he chose to marry.

However, this is not Collis’ goal of marrying her to a powerful man. Lena will reappear in Dragon House and will receive another main player’s Favorite



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