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Who is Kaia Gerber's Boyfriend?

Love is a colorful thing, especially when you gawk at it from the outside. In this column , we’ll look at the celebrity couples who gave us hope for our own romantic futures, and try to Learn what we can learn from their well-documented relationships. Elvis star Austin Butler has more or less lost his impression of the Kings. Honestly, the idea of ​​a handsome actor playing Elvis and then getting into the role so much that he can’t stop dubbing feels like 31 from Unaired rock cut corner joke. That said, I love Elvis

– especially the costumes – and I just wish Butler the best in all his endeavours, including his current relationship with models, actresses and nepo The baby’s relationship is notable for Kaia Gerber.

Kaia Gerber’s boyfriend, also known as Oscar nominee Austin Butler. Wow – look at those smiles! Photo: Michael TRAN/AFP)(Photo: MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Honestly, I only found out about Butler dating Gerber a few weeks ago, when I was lucky enough to attend the upcoming Emma Seligman filmed Bottoms, after the SXSW party, in which Gerber played a very over-the-top high school cheerleader with a mean right hook. “That’s Kaia Gerber! She’s dating Elvis,” a friend whispered to me as we lined up for drinks. I could barely make out Gerber’s tall, sheer white-dressed torso in the crowd, and I almost tripped over Meg Stalter in my rush to strike up a conversation (thank you for the confidence boost, open the bar). But when I got home, my interest was piqued, and, after doing some drunken Googling, I learned that Gerber and Butler were from 31 I have been “low-key dating” since the beginning.

At 23, Butler is A few years older than Gerber, but don’t worry, I won’t get us bogged down with age gap talk. I will say that when I was Gerber’s age I dated guys my age and they treated me badly and older guys and they treated me really nice and decent so I Hopefully the latter is what’s unfolding between Gerber and her beau. The couple made their official debut at the 2022 Met Gala – they’re both on the invite list The fact must have given them a lot of connection, no matter what the difference in age between them. Gerber is one of my favorite nepo babies, and TikTok famous daughter of Sofia Coppola, I hope she has good stuff; or, more specifically, I hope she avoids obsessing over someone who doesn’t care about you at all 30 The concrete heartbreak of an aged skater in any known dimension. (I’m definitely not pulling from my own life experiences. No!)

I generally don’t like outspoken celebrity lovers — like, we get it! you are in love! Get off Oprah’s couch, Tom Cruise! — which makes me oddly appreciate Butler’s demure refusal to talk about his relationship. When asked about Gerber in a recent GQ

interview, the actor simply said: “I don’t think I have anything to share. But thanks for the space Very classy and gentlemanly, I have to admit even as a journalist whose real job is to identify and expose chaos! 202220222022



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