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WHO schedules food safety talks

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exist From 6 to 9 June, WHO has arranged a series of lectures on food safety to raise awareness and encourage debate and discussion among various stakeholders on a range of topics in health and food safety. Over four days, WHO will explore the themes behind the World Food Safety Day theme “Food standards save lives”.

    Topics covered in the webinar:

    The standards behind food safety, food safety in international emergencies, food fortification, and methods for estimating the burden of foodborne disease;

  • Update on the WHO Global Food Safety Strategy;

  • release of a new World Health Organization publication on whole genome sequencing.
  • Health hosted by the Food Safety Community of Practice Lectures will provide high-quality content with the support of international experts. The format of these lectures includes dialogues with experts from around the world on current and emerging food safety topics.

    Food Safety and Health Lecture Program:

    —Health Consequences of Unsafe Food: Efforts to Quantify The Burden of Unsafe Food
    Date: June 6th 11am-Noon CEST /events/3752

    — Towards stronger food safety systems: WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety
    Date: June 6th 1pm – 2:30pm CEST

    —Standards Behind Food Safety: Ways to Ensure Safety and Quality
    Date: June 8, 2023 1pm – 2:30pm (CET)

    — Whole Genome Sequencing as a Tool for Foodborne Illness Surveillance and Response
    Date: June 9, 2023 1pm – 2pm CEST

    WHO Organization Advocates mainstreams food safety into the global agenda by raising awareness of the importance of the topic and providing a platform for dialogue on key issues affecting food safety and health.

    Participants need to log in to the Food Safety Community of Practice website to register for food safety and health lectures.

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