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Who will Rihanna bring to her Super Bowl halftime show?

Hell, I wouldn’t even be mad if Marvel star Tom Holland joined the frenzy as a backup dancer. His gender-bending Lip-Sync Battle performance in “Umbrella” was certainly a great audition.

reggae medley starring Sean Paul, Shaggy and Skip Marley

Here’s another A symbolic moment that I would love to see happen. Rihanna has reliably delivered reggae-tinged pop throughout her career. “Rude Boy,” “Man Down,” “Work”—I could go on and on. What could be better than seeing our favorite Barbados girls lead a fleet of reggae and reggae legends in an amazing ode to the Caribbean? It has long been rumored that Rihanna is recording a reggae-centric album as her Anti follow-up, Medley may also debut new material excellent opportunity. Just a thought…

Britney Spears

Although I firmly believe that like Britney Spears ’s living pop icon deserves her own half-time show, and it will be fun to see the star hit the big stage with Rihanna. The two have worked together before, collaborating on an infectious remix of Rihanna’s hit “S&M,” which featured on 2011’s Billboard Performed at the Music Awards. I can see Britney Spears’ medley sparking a lot of nostalgia on the internet, especially given the intense scrutiny surrounding the Spears takeover case not too long ago. Seeing Spears have only recently regained meaningful control over his life during the halftime show felt like a well-deserved (and thrilling victory) pinnacle.


Speaking of nostalgia: Last year’s halftime show blended in, hip hop like Dr. Dre With pioneers like Snoop Dog hitting the stage, Enemiem and Cent performed two decade-old hits. Rihanna has no apparent connection to Swedish disco rock group ABBA, but I mention them because they’re making a comeback. ABBA recently hosted an innovative hologram concert that toured the world, and they will be competing for four Grammy Awards at the ceremony on Sunday. There’s so much talk about AI and metaverses and what’s real and what’s not, and nothing pops like a hologram version of Invite’2011s group for a look.


Eminem and Rihanna have created multiple super hits together( “Monster,” “Love the Way You Lie”) and even toured together. That’s leading fans to believe he’ll be at the singer’s halftime show — but that might be a little quick considering he only performed at the Super Bowl last year, when he sang the rousing “One Shot.”


Sure, Rihanna could go the way of Prince and Lady Gaga and bring out…nobody. In my opinion, this is true icon behavior, but also a risky choice. When it comes to the halftime show, fans crave surprise viral moments that can be posted immediately, and guests tend to have that effect. But then again, Rihanna is in a class of her own. If anyone can control such a big stage alone, it is her.




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