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Who Would Wear the Controversial Towel Skirt? Jaden Smith, Apparently

When Balenciaga released a highly-memed towel skirt last November, many were quick to ask, “Who on earth would wear that?” Today, Jaden Smith bravely answers that question. 

Let’s clear one thing up right now, though: Smith’s skirt isn’t actually the contested Balenciaga, but an interpretation from the skate brand MSFTSrep. Also not a terry cloth towel plucked from the bathroom, the skirt appears to be a gray denim, which he wore over a pair of matching, bunched-up pants. Nevertheless, the silhouette is an immediate callback to the skirt that set the internet ablaze late last year, so Smith surely knew it would kick up some controversy. 

Smith was dressed for frigid temperatures, despite the fact that it was nearing 60 degrees in Los Angeles, where he was spotted. He paired his skirt with a black Carhartt tactical jacket, outfitted with at least nine pockets (by my count). He wore his jacket zipped all the way up to his chin with his hood over his head, which was capped with a furry black ushanka. 

The rapper wore a pair of puffy black boots that seem like they’d fare just as well in Aspen as they do on the streets of Beverly Hills. He accessorized with impenetrably dark rectangular sunglasses and a gold Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet. 

Smith has been on a utilitarian kick as of late. In November he wore a shirt with four zipped pockets to the Grammy’s Salute to 50 Years of Hip-Hop, and rocked a militaristic vest at a party in December. Today’s Carhartt vest seems the logical evolution of his ever-growing number of pockets. 



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