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Why Am I Obsessed With a Blanket-Wrapped Selena Gomez?

It’s always nice when extremely famous people do relatable things; see the magic of Us Weekly’s “Stars—They’re Just Like Us!” feature, which has enthralled me since I was old enough to walk to a newsstand by myself. As much as I like to see celebs behaving badly and/or sexily, the star-studded tweet (or X..?) I can’t stop thinking about lately is one of Selena Gomez, seemingly pondering the ancient mystery of life while wrapped in a blanket. Witness:

The blanket image has set the Internet alight, which might simply be proof of a slow, mid-August news week. I, however, choose to think of it as evidence that coziness sells (or generates discourse, anyway). Look no further than the Beyoncé song “Cozy,” for example, which isn’t necessarily about swaddling yourself in a blanket, Gomez-style, but the lyrics still seem to apply: “Might I suggest you don’t fuck with my sis / ’Cause she comfortable.” Absolutely, Bey! Do not mess with Selena Gomez while she’s staring off into the middle distance with a look of timeworn ennui on her face!

I have trouble relating to pictures of celebrities dominating the red carpet or stumbling out of clubs, but I feel deeply and extremely seen by Gomez’s pig-in-a-blanket cosplay (and not only because I’m currently wrapped in a blanket myself, although I don’t envision my selfie going viral among my sub-2,000 Instagram followers). The proximity of Gomez’s sequined Fendi baguette is what truly elevates this photo, and in its honor, I’m propping up the Telfar my partner gave me for my birthday just out of reach while I blog in front of Will & Grace reruns. After all, there’s no rule against luxuriating in the majesty of your favorite designer purse while you veg out and mentally replay the most humiliating moments of your life. Okay, Gomez might not be doing that from within the safety of her blanket, but I definitely am.



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