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Why an Intarsia Sweater Is the Ultimate Winter Investment

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Knitting is not a hobby for the impatient. After hours and days of painstakingly stitching yarn into a wearable piece of art, the other end could be something as beautiful as an intarsia sweater. “Intarsia knitting requires a certain level of craftsmanship and sheer patience,” Bernadette co-founder Charlotte de Geyter told Vogue. “When I see an intarsia sweater, I always know how much work and time went into it, so this piece feels extra precious and luxurious. There is definitely some love in every Intarsia sweater.”

If you don’t recognize, intarsia is defined by The Fairchild Fashion Dictionary as a decorative colorful pattern woven into A solid color fabric that creates a marquetry effect, with the same pattern on both sides of the fabric. “Intarsia is great if you want to create knitwear with patterns in multiple colors,” Geyter further explained. “With this technique, there’s only one active color per stitch. Your sweater is knitted in one layer and the colors don’t overlap.” The end result, she adds, is more intense colors and sharper designs.


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