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Why Bella Hadid Was Named Best Dressed 2022

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER : Bella Ha Bella Hadid appeared in Tribeca in October , 09 at New York City. (Photo courtesy of Gotham/GC Images)Photo: via Getty Images

There are paparazzi celebrities on the wires every day. We see names like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and even Hadid’s own sister Gigi in constant rotation. But Bella seems to have been driving commercial and viral trends in a particularly frenetic way. The Hadid effect is that the 26 year-old model has mastered a street style algorithm that no other celebrity can quite pull off. She — or maybe her stylist/personal shopper/consultant — knows the art of laissez faire chic dressing, which ultimately makes her seem approachable and her look feels attainable because it is. In the seemingly last-minute, pizza-chomping look, the secret to sweet-spot style is at hand: There’s the vintage or out-of-stock factor (that ole OC leather jacket and vintage graphic T-shirt), the casual, just put This adds up (tighty-whities), and hot big-brand pieces (those chunky Uggs). The entire ensemble is a perfect mix of commercial accessibility and replicable rarity, at least aesthetically. Anyone can find a great oversized leather jacket and a trendy graphic tee; Anyone can get


version of the Ugg, though it may not be the sold-out mini-platform iteration.

Then there’s the retro aspect. Like Hadid, the world can’t get enough of retro right now, but Hadid and other celebrities choose to wear it differently. Many celebrities have gone out of their way to create a rare Galliano dress or a classic Roberto Cavalli dress. After all, vintage has become the way celebrities announce that they now have a place in fashion. Now, we see TikTok diva-turned-pop star Addison Rae, new to the fashion world, attending a LACMA event with guests in exclusive Gucci and she in a Vintage Jean-Louis Scherrer haute couture gown. We’ve seen similar moves from Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Simi Haze, and more. Vintage has become a visual statement that celebrities use to say “I’m different” and that they have a fashion point of view, when in fact, they’re all starting to look the same. At the end of the day, when many celebrities try to break into the fashion world through vintage, it feels empty because they have no real connection to the clothes they wear. Their old fashioned grail is starting to feel omnipotent. 202220222022



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