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Why can't I stop thinking about Shiv Roy's effortless wedding ponytail?

This story contains major spoilers for Season 4 Episode 3 Succession.

So there it is, so there’s a lot to unravel in the latest episode of Succession, from the death of parent Logan Roy ( From the airplane bathroom?!?) to the long-awaited Connor and Willa wedding (you go, girl) to the unexpected horror of watching the other Roy siblings grieve (in a way only they can). I’m a bit of a Roy sibling myself, and I couldn’t process all that the show handed us last night. Honestly, Shiv crying and telling her dad she loves him isn’t something I’m emotionally prepared for — so I’m very focused on the smallest things: specifically, Shiv’s ponytail at Connor’s wedding.

Low-maintenance occasion hair is definitely a thing, but the details of the Shiv ponytail still confuse me. This is a typical ragged rich lady we’re talking about, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that she showed up at her brother’s wedding looking like she just tied her hair back and wolfed down a dodger Dog (stealth wealth and what have you), but I still am.

“I think it’s telling that Shiv’s hair is even long enough to wear a messy, sloppy ponytail bob after years of maintaining flawless strength,” Vogue Senior Beauty Editor Lauren Valenti points out, adding: “She really does get a weekly trim like clockwork, especially before big family/high-profile events. When he has it, its energy feels very much like Logan’s “fuck off”. – at least from the front – this “Wall Street but make it feminine The role-playing of ” makes sense on this occasion. After all, someone has to remind Vera that Schiff is still the most powerful woman in the Roy family (at least in her own mind, even though Marcia and Ka Rowling begs to disagree). Yet, viewed from behind, the ponytail declares itself in the exact opposite way of composure, hanging limply where one might expect a more elaborate turban; It looks unpretentious and styleless, giving the overall effect of someone who is about to wash their face in an oil-free cleanser commercial.



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