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Why choose a modern wheel loader for your feedlot operation?

Why choose a modern wheel loader for feedlot operations?

hl930a hyundai wheel loader feedlot

January 31, 2022 | Product Knowledge , Updated

Modern wheel loaders are customer-inspired and engineered to keep you running comfortably and efficiently 365 days a year.

Why choose a modern loader for operation?

Powerful Z-Link Mechanism

Extended Range, XT models offer up to 16% more discharge clearance to clean today’s larger feed mixers.

hl940axt hyundai a series wheel loader

Proven ZF Automatic Hydraulic Locking Front Axle

Pros: Maximum traction in the worst conditions.

Safety is standard in modern cars.

Operating in cramped conditions, near livestock, in and around barns, visibility is key. From the seat of a modern wheel loader, you can clearly see your surroundings. With any loader, you will have blind spots. With a modern optional AAVM system, you’ll get maximum visibility. The standard rear view camera is combined with 3 additional cameras on the left, right and front of the cab to piece together a 360° image around the wheel loader.

hl940axt hyundai a series wheel loader

Additional audible alarm when objects move within 6.5′ or 23′ depending on the machine’s settings, this option makes modern loaders the safest on the market. New to the A-Series, you can also add a secondary monitor dedicated to the rear view camera or AAVM system. This secondary display also supports radar, giving you a sensor on the rear of the machine that senses objects that might not be visible on the screen. When running in the early hours, you need a lighting kit to maximize visibility. With the optional LED lighting kit, you’ll get extra visibility over standard halogen lights. Equipped with 6 forward lights and 4 rear lights, your insured objects will be visible in the worst conditions.

Most Comprehensive, Worry-Free Warranty

Hyundai offers 3 years / 3,000 Hours Whole Unit Warranty, plus 5 Years / 10,000 Hours Structural Warranty, plus Limited Life Joint Joint Warranty, and 5 full years for our exclusive HiMate telematics solution.

Powerful and reliable powertrain components

Modern wheeled The range of loaders is powered by reliable Cummins engines throughout the product line. Industry-leading ZF axles and transmissions ensure drivability and ideal traction control.

Versatile and efficient

All modern loaders are marked with Comes with a third spool for auxiliary attachments such as grapples or silage cleaners, and can easily install additional hydraulic lines or quick couplings. Factory installed ISO style quick couplers are available to easily change accessories for different tasks throughout the day.

Vehicle type operator convenience

No other driving Cabs are comparable to modern cabs. Our taxis are equipped with a variety of amenities to keep you comfortable and efficient in the early mornings, long days and late nights.

Luxurious and fully adjustable heated air seats, heated mirrors, large touchscreen display, spacious cab, tilt/telescopic steering wheel for convenience, integrated FNR, downshift on joystick and accessory control as well as automatic climate control.



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